My First Big Novel Deal Is Finally Out!

While I have published novels with low swimming publishing companies in the past, this contract was my first deal with a traditional midlevel publishing company. The contract was signed way back in February. Its taken nine months to complete the how to structural debates inside the publishing house, the editorials, for the cover to be designed, so forth and so on. For the most part, an effort to write a book, submit it, and have it published, is a time consuming effort. I have only had one book (work of any kind) where my syllabus was accepted and my full manuscript requested the day after. Four days later I was sent a publishing contract – almost unheard of in this business! This was a work of nonfiction published by traditional publisher, Algora Publishing, out of New York City. My manuscript was consequently divided, winding up being two separate works on US History, with one leading into another.

I may have already covered this, but my present novel was written more than ten years ago. I have been making submissions and searching for a traditional publisher for all this time. I have rewritten the manuscript totally, at least five times, renamed it, etc. My present work is most definitely NOT the same one it started out as, since the editor carved it up and rewrote the thing once more again! Anyway, for your convenience, here is the first best link;, and the second;

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