Dropping a line…

Much has happened since I last spoke. Hope everybody is doing well. My writing has been going along very well. Traditional publishers have recently contracted two fictional novels, and one 50K word work of non-fiction. These three works are called,” Southbound To Angel Island,” “They Called Him Ringo Arenas,” and “Camping For The Long Term With Nothing But The Clothes On One’s Back And His Bare Hands.” I don’t have the links, but soon will. The same traditional publishing company has contracted them, so keep your eyes out. I have had numerous poems published, such as one in the English Journal, AWEN.

My job still holds, yet everything is sort of stuck in the mud around here at the present time. My wife has flown on a trip to the Middle East. She will return next weekend. I couldn’t travel with her because of this job I have. We will be relocating in June, I presume. I don’t know where we are headed, maybe South Carolina, maybe Texas, maybe Spain, I don’t know, but we are gone from here, for sure!

The national situation seems rather austere in general, at best, eh? The experts, such as Ron Paul, the author of “Rich Man Poor Man,” and others warn of emenent staggering hyper inflation and economic collapse. This reality has been with us since the era of de-industrialization, from 1983 onward. The question is what kind of reality do banking and corporate elitist have for the American proletariet? What did they say they fully intended to build on American soil back in 1935? Read “Stairway To Tyranny” to find out.

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