I’ve had many recent publishing success stories. Maybe one of the best is in the area of how-to information. The latest high potential publication was titled, “The Ten Best Survival Jobs, how to find them, how to get them.” This work is based on a genuine lifestyle lived in the present by the author. Besides information in regard to survival jobs, much more is packed inside this 20K word document.

Read and discover why Americans even need to know about survival jobs. Discover where to live and find these jobs, as one discovers how to strengthen personal weaknesses in general, serving to reduce one’s opportunity for employment. Americans are winners, and having access to such information allows us to remain confident through any potential era of adversity, be it on a national or personal basis.

My other worthwhile publishing success story was with DLG Publishing. Click on this link. This story was a short story published by this traditional company. While there have been others, this one might stand out the loudest. Readers who are moved to do so, may donate to the Starving Author’s Fund via PayPal, using the address, . Give a shout and let us know how you feel in comments below! When the how-to book comes out, the link will be published on this blog site.

The School That Tells All

Have you ever wanted to know how a writer today can become published traditionally? Are you frustrated, not knowing where to submit, let alone how to build a publishing platform? What about landing an agent? Have you discovered how difficult accomplishing such a feat can be in today’s world of writing and publishing? How do we write query letters? What is a query letter for crying out loud here?

One of the most difficult feats in writing and publishing is to find specific facts, that bear consistent noticeable positive results. All of these struggles are about to end, starting with this single short course packed full with specific how to information any writer simply must have inside his or her body of instructional information. What sets this information apart from all others of this nature is the fact of the author moving upward in the publishing scene utilizing the same techniques he is simultaneously sharing with readers. How much more accurate and current could information ever be?

Look no farther than this page with the link soon to be displayed. There is a link where a class can be accessed, revealing all about where to find publishers wanting submissions, how to make them. Where to find agents. How to write query letters. On top of that, this course outlines a fool proof system for making submissions guaranteed to raise ones acceptance rates, if writers only follow these exact instructions. Get your course and print copy today!

Click on the link above and learn from a thirty five year veteran writer, traditionally published author, and owner of Rowdy Living Press. Learn from him as you follow along on this blog, sharing in his memorial occasions, living with him as he experiences the highs and lows of life. Drop a line, buy some different types of literature, and take a course along the way! Most of all, enjoy every day, and as always, happy writing!

Just checking in…

Well, there’s not much going on right now with me, to be honest. Things in general are somewhat stuck in the mud. Everything is still about half closed down everywhere, to my surprise. I personally feel this C-19 business is a bit overrated. Its real, mind you, but over blown. I would have never closed down the economy, and isolated the people. All this move has done is set the world up for another outbreak. If people move around, there will be a die off in the initiative, but then one’s natural immunities kick in, and the plague stops once and for all.

As far as these protests going on are concerned, what are they really about? The appeal to emotion commands for us to embrace a conclusion of racism, but is it “racism” or really racism? Would the conclusions or protests, random violence, broad accusations and events, have been the same if those who murdered were from the same demographic as those who died? Was it police brutality and corruption, or were the raging protests raw racism, pure and simple? Do we have “systemic racism,” or do we really have systemic racism?

What ever happened to the only discriminating factor in employment being he who is most qualified, most industrious, most effective, and first come first served? Where does government feel it has a right to dictate who businesses hire, create a Marxist policy of employee political constituents and hiring quotas, create mandated so called “equal opportunity’ employment clauses , and tell entrepreneurs how they run their enterprises, in general? Are most business enterprises being subsidized by government directly and/or indirectly? You tell us all about it in your blog pages.

I once attended a municipality meeting, and the percentage given was more than 95%! If such a reality is true, then government truly does have a right to tell business enterprises, private and otherwise, how to run their personal affairs. Have a government backed home loan? Expect a loss of personal liberty, then, on one’s own property. The borrower is slave to the lender! Does one pay taxes based on an indefinite recurring time schedule? If so, then he never truly owns anything. Think about that before one attends some protest rally. What systemic crimes should he really be hitting the streets about? And this sudden mounting move to neuter the 2nd Amendment? Are you kidding me, in light of these other concerns? Think about all of that for a moment!

US constitution and the Bill Of Rights state that American citizens have an inalienable right to own property. Property taxes based on an indefinite recurring time schedule are illegal, then, since they rob a person of his right to actually own the property. Finite taxes built into the price of the home are legal, since there would be a day when the owner actually owned the property. Panama has such a system, so why doesn’t the US? Why does the year 1952, when this new form property tax originated, bear such weighted relevance? It didn’t actually materialize on the ground, broadly speaking, until 1960. What was going on in US government at the time, to facilitate this subtle theft of an individual right to own property? Did Marxist/collectivist philosophy bear any weight in these legalities of property ownership?

These are all serious questions people need to be asking. I, personally, don’t care to be very productive, when the only incentive is basic food, shelter, and transportation. I’ll work enough to justify this sort of return, but no more, when the incentive is removed. What about you? There will always be menial work, no matter how many robots are invented. Nothing comes for free. Are you going to be willing to give the national system a grueling 6, 12 hr days of labor for basic food and shelter; or in other words, what forty hours of minimum wage work would allow? You can, but I am not! These are real questions everybody should ponder realistic answers to, because history reveals such a manifestation of persecution is what greed based Marxist systems always deteriorate into. I don’t want it myself.

Anyway, enough trash news talk, things really have slowed a bit on a personal level, right now in general. I have a new job interview very soon, so wish me well. I will also be relocating to another town some two hours away in October. Maybe everything is about to pick up ’round here after all! I’ve had a few more publishing successes, mainly poetry, but also one short story. A novel of mine was accepted recently for publication by a midlevel publisher. When it comes out I will be certain to post the link. So, in the meantime,


And as always


My Latest Gig

I don’t like to admit it, but things have been a bit slow, as of late. My bus driving job didn’t materialize. It seems they couldn’t get some type of yet to be defined information from my references. They asked me for another one, but three were all I had to give, so the opportunity fizzled out. Luckily for me, my unemployment finally kicked in at long last, plus my two 1200.00 checks, courtesy of good ole Uncle Sam! Being unemployed isn’t so bad underneath these circumstances. Now I have unlimited time to think, day dream, submit, and write. I have had loads of recent publishing successes, including having my first novel published by an honest midlevel publishing company, rather than a bottom feeder in the great media pond of earth. The novel is a western titled; “They Called Him Ringo Arenas.” When it finally comes out I will be certain to post the link right here, so stay tuned.

I have done a few freelance writing gigs on Upwork, and a two other sites, but the pay was hardly coming at best, work was rather arduous and confusing. The entire experience at large was not worth me bragging about here. It did net me some ching-chang in the side thing in a rather unanticipated way not related to the site, a consequential tank of gas, and a mega-fat lamb, beef, and cheese hoagie at the local hen-town bistro. I’ll spare the details on the particular brazen and bold experience granting me the kind favors, however. Too bad I couldn’t have sauntered on down to the town courthouse steps and relished the philosophical debates when the dirty deed was done, but so life goes in an age ruled by an intentional systemic manufactured ignorance so heavily soaked in appeal to emotion. I declare the situation really is hell on intellectual development among the American masses! Anyway, work appears to be tough to come by on these sites, no matter what they claim or try to instruct me into making changes.

I did get to engage in some adventure, however, but certainly nowhere near what we originally planned for our summer. We cruised onto Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky. No kidding, its built to biblical scale based in the Egyptian Cubit, being 18 inches. I say the real ark was built based on the Sumerian Cubit, being 21 inches, since good ole Noah sailed long before Egypt was ever a single stone out in what eventually became the desert, but so it is with my view on the matter. Needless to say, this ship is the size of a modern cruise liner! You can go visit it, with all the animals, cages, information on how Noah and his seven family members might have managed such an enterprise, and much more. The price is 75 American dollars for a day pass, but get the 20.00 pass for the creation museum with it. All of this is well worth it. This had to be one of the best weekend mini vacation trips I have taken as of late. We venture out on them as often as we can.

We motored out to Williamstown Kentucky early on a Friday morning. The night before I booked our first nights stay in a hotel beside the NA park called “The Sunshine Inn”. I paid 50.00 a night, including tax and a bag breakfast, because of this C-19 garbage. I must warn readers, while Williamstown is small, room and board is mega-expensive, I thought. The whole town had only begun to open a week earlier, as did the Ark exhibit. The going rates otherwise were well over 100.00 a night everywhere we looked online! We bought in a rice cooker and a crock pot, and done our food shopping at the local Walmart on the cheap, when compared to prices eating out. We purchased two big Mexican beef and bean burritos in Walmart ( a place I utterly hate to go), and four cans of Mexican fruit juice for our carry on lunch. Our grand total was a whopping 2.90 cents for all of it. This we backpacked into the Noah’s Ark exhibit. It saved us loads of money and precious time we would have spent waiting in line. Be prepared to spend a whole day on NA when you go. It will still take at least half a day rushing through the exhibit, which would be an utter waste, so why not slow down and savor the time?

The Creation Museum is a fine way of identifying the many lies perpetuated by today’s scientist, paid to indochinite the masses by the banking dynasties in American and Europe via university donations, seeking to validate Karl Marx and Charles Darwin’s natural justification for the enslaving political ideology accompanying it. Be ready to pack a lunch in here, and spend a day inside as well. There is so much to see, do, and listen to in both places. There was a bit of leftist politics mixed in with the lectures and sights at the boat and museum, believe it or not, but not so much that it couldn’t be jettisoned aside in lieu of far more interesting alternatives. Since we stayed out from 0700 until 1900, we booked another night at the hotel when our day finally ended, bringing our total room charges up to 150.00 for the entire venture. I must warn readers, the hotel doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the rooms are neat and well kept to be beside the place we intended to visit, with breakfast included!

Believe it or not, I have actually been pondering going out to sea again. Back in the early 1980’s I tried it, but America was down sizing it’s shipping base, and outsourcing to the Taiwanese, among other foreign people. Times appear to be changing nowadays, for the better in some ways. Outsourcing of our national shipping base has now been viewed as a possible military breeching point. The concerted effort now is to build the US shipping base back up. The system really is needing people who will work to the point age isn’t even a real consideration until one is passed 65, from what I understand in the literature and general online information.

This is good for people like myself, bored and looking for a new thrill. Though my work days will be twelve hours, seven days a week, for six months and even more, since work begins at 0600 to 0800; this still leaves ample time for me to write in my private cabin before I crash. Not only would I make boot, I would also net quite a few more exotic travel experiences underneath my already swelling hat. When I exit from my first voyage, I could take the qualification examination to gain rank.

I must get my TWIX card, my MMC document, and take a Coast Guard physical. Then I have to find a company who will hire me. There are four additional certifications to be met, but usually the company will sponsor them. These documents are not low cost, in my book. The grand total for the first three items is 800.00 American. The four certifications are at least 500.00. Readers under 25 are best served to sign up with Seafarers International in Baltimore, Maryland. They will get you into the Paul Merchant Marine Academy. The general process is approximately 9 months, and free, as far as the school goes, if I understand the information right. There are numerous personal expenses one must be aware of, but I have no idea what they are.

Otherwise, people over 25 will be forced to gain rank on the job, starting from the bottom rather that at the officer’s level. The good news is that one may gain rank to chief officer in 6 months, if I understand rightly, so please don’t sue me if I am wrong in all of this. Get down and do the research for one’s self, and garnish one’s own conclusions. If this gig doesn’t pan out, then I will move on to the next one, as I have always done. There is no time for me to hang my head and weep over ventures dying on the limb. There are many different directions to go with this, so take a dive and have a swim!

We also motored on out to the beach for a few days after the Ark Experience. Summer just isn’t summer without at least laying eyes on the beach, I feel. Myrtle Beach is more than a five hour drive for us, but we fully intended to go there for five days or so. Everything was still closed in August because of C-19. We motored for another three hours up to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Rooming there was damned overpriced expensive. We motored on back into Wilmington to market street, staying in the econolodge for 100.00 a night, including taxes. The place wasn’t a dive rats nest, but I kept my pistol loaded on my night stand, and a lighting fast blade always by my side, just in case.

The general beach scene was relaxing, the people scattered, not many shows going on, but the rather rough and dangerous beach was wide open and waiting for me to dive in. I took the chance and it was well worth it! Later in the day we motored into Wilmington, NC, and walked out on the boardwalk until 2100 or so. There were many shops open, and a really interesting museum of verifiable possessed/ haunted antiques from the area over the course of time, for only a three dollar pass. We hung out there for four days, beating a hurricane on its way in as we were moving out. Our day drive back out to where we presently reside was very pleasant, since the highways are smooth and well built nowadays.

For quite some time I have visualized building my own publishing company. Since information is so scattered and filled with broad specifics that perform only to a modest extent in the real world, the general situation sets people such as myself into a trial and error mode. Slowly a plan is developing that seems to be working, after years of mucking around with it. Already my traditional publishing credits have sky rocketed in only the past year and a half. I am keeping notes on my efforts producing noticeable positive results. I can already tell sites listing my work, such as those on Amazon and Algora, my publisher, are gaining rank on the primary search engines.

One day I am considering publishing a how-to book on this subject, explaining in detail how I suddenly became published traditionally to the extent I have, which by itself is no lean feat in our present day and time. I am going to show how one can realistically build a platform. I may even have a very affordable how-to course one can download on some site good for such. This site will accompany the book. I presently have virtual hundreds of thousands who read my work on a daily basis. Many extremely gifted writers simply give up, but there is a highly valid technique to what seems like ridiculous disarray and utter madness. Be rested assured, unlike the competition, my down to earth, simple to comprehend techniques will virtually always work consistently, with bragging rights results.

I am still trying to land an agent, but this seems to be far more difficult than conquering the challenge of becoming traditionally published. When I reach best seller status, then I can update my material, including opening the doors to my publishing company on a large scale. I already have on a tiny scale, as can be validated here in this blog.

My latest gig!

When our Spanish adventure ended last August, I made it back to the states, and to my home town. I walked directly into a new teaching job at the local community college. I loved the job, my work colleagues were great. My students were alright, for the most part, meaning that my situations were within my ability to manage.

My only complaint was that my job was only three days a week, outstanding pay at 19.50 an hour, but no benefits. I also had an inner feeling it would somehow be temporary, since I was only hired in from contract to contract. My nagging fears came true this past October when this Covid 19 business struck, and on March 17th with absolutely no warning, the entire department I worked for was abruptly sent home.

To be honest, I knew it was coming. My wife worked for the local school system, and she was already home bound. The entire school where I worked had mass meeting that morning, nothing was said then. At 1400 we were called back into the gymnasium for another mass meeting. This was very unusual, since I had been employed there for nearly a year already. I figured we would all be given the ax then. I was right in the end, my gut never lies. We were told to go home for a month and a half, until further notice.

Before the month and a half was up, my supervisor with the college called me. She informed me to go on and find another job. She would allow me to use her as a reference, and the others. The entire department I was employed by at the college, was folding due to a lacking in state funding. Our job accounts were consequently annulled.

Well the school continued to pay me for the next two months. The shafted me for five hundred dollars the last month, but I could still cover my bills. The whole world had shut down! I am in my fifties, and have never seen such a situation in my entire life. The good news is I had all of this free time inside the house, and I knew just how to make use of it!

I sat down and began editing my manuscripts and writing more of many types. I had five literature journals publish my poetry. My epic poem was finally in print, “March Of The Divine Magnificent.” I had self published it years before, but a traditional publisher agreed, knowing it was already SP. I had numerous other publishing success stories during this time, which could have otherwise been a trying time. .

I also wrote a 43K word novel and edited it. The title is “They Called Him Ringo Arenas.” Yes, this book is a western. I haven’t found a publisher yet, but the manuscript has been sent out to maybe ten companies. I keep searching for an agent, but alas, no luck as of yet. Be sure to secure a copy of the anthology I was published in at a discount price of $10.00 American.

Anyway, my plan is to keep on writing until the day I drop. What I have learned is that if one keeps on making an effort at anything, he WILL achieve success on one level or another. I sure have with my writing, but no best seller, or living life on the same plateau as Hemingway…yet. When I finally achieve bragging rights success, I fully intend on publishing a how-to manual explaining every step of the way.

I have landed another working gig. I am doing some freelance writing for Upwork, and I am soon to be a bus driver for a municipality in the US Southeast. I will start driving at 35K, with full benefits. My intentions are to settle down until I can draw a check from it for life. I need maybe 12 more years or so. The steady income will be handy for my writing and other adventures, so stay tuned.







My Latest Gig And The Life It Brings!

Hello my fine audience! I just thought that I would update everyone since my last entry. We made it back from the airport to my present hometown, not far from Atlanta, Ga. While I didn’t land a teaching gig in Spain, before we made it back home, I had an e-mail from an application I filed with some six months ago prior. The Civilian Conservation Corp wanted to interview me for a teaching position they had!

I returned e-mail stating that I was interested. My interview took place three days later. I had to go through tons of paperwork, give them my transcripts, etc, but all was completed in a timely manner. Four days later I was on my first day at work.

The job hasn’t been bad. I am instructing students for the academic part of a trade school system. These students are to test, then graduate into a higher level of the system. So far all has been well.

The wife and I have settled back down into our apartment and lifestyle. As usual, I am writing as frequently as possible. I have had more success with getting my poems, short-stories, and articles published this year than I have in a long time. Its all about knowing when, where, and how to submit. So anyway, its on now like Donkey Kong! Stay tuned for more writing details. Until next time…

Traveling Spain And Greece On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Much has been going on this past week. We arose at 1100 hrs and left our hostel room in Malaga, Spain. We walked across the road to the bus station. At 1500 we hopped our bus back to Madrid. It was a seven hour ride and cost us 79 euros per ticket. This bus trip also served as our hotel room for the evening, since both the wife and I slept most of the way there.

When we made it back to Madrid, we hopped the metro line to Calle de 301 New Town, where our former host had our large bags. We left those bags with him prior to our trip to Greece, since the airline (Iberia) charged 100 euros per bag. Keep in mind that the last Metro train runs at 2400 hrs. By 2100 hrs we were at his apartment. We picked up our bags, paused for a few moments to say our good byes, then exited by 2130. We hopped the Metro line for the airport.

When we made it back to the airport, we checked our bags in. Getting checked in consumed an hour and one half. Our flight out to Amsterdam was at 0600. This gave us a bit of free time. We both wanted to sleep more, but couldn’t, since Spain’s airports have few seats, and all of them were filled. We sat down on the floor and made do the best that we could, as a result. I couldn’t sleep, so I played on my computer charged up the two nights earlier.

Finally 0500 arrived and we were boarding up. The plane took off on schedule at 0600, landing in Amsterdam at 0830. The airport at Amsterdam was rather large, and we only had an hour and a half to make it to our port. The airport there was easier to comprehend than the one in Madrid, with its directions and signs defying all common logic. By the time we found our gate, our plane was already boarding up. By 1000 hrs we were taking off again, heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The flight was ten hours long. We drank all the complimentary wine, beer, and whiskey that we could. We also slept a good bit of the way, waking up only for food. We landed in Minnesota at 2000 hrs. Here we had to run again, since the airport was rather large and our plane was leaving out soon back to our home area of Atlanta. The flight took only two hours.

Upon landing we were met by our children. Our eldest daughter carried us back to her place, where we spent the night. The next day the youngest daughter drove us out on the three hour drive back to our hometown, and our personal apartment. Even though we had slept well, we both still felt very fatigued. We offloaded our bags and materials, carried it all to the apartment, changed our clothes, then crashed for a few more hours of slumber.

Thus ends the log of my latest adventure offshore. I tried to find work in Spain, but needed another month to succeed. My funds exhausted, so that was out of the question. I would recommend AirBnB, just be careful to analyse the advertising claim, since the information could be slightly stretched. If something doesn’t sound quite right, then it probably isn’t. Check distances stated in the ad on the computer/google map, question references, etc.

I would never recommend ASAP tickets, however. Honestly, we never knew for certain what we were going to be handed. We were lucky in that our experience wasn’t a real catastrophe, and only a slight hair raiser with a bit of steam around the collar. The situation where our room wasn’t covered when we first landed in Madrid was the worst experience, although there were numerous times where we felt uneasy about our situation through them. In the end I had traveled to Spain, lived well for more than two months, toured several cities, and had memorable experiences that I will never forget. I managed to accomplish all of this for less two thousand dollars, including the air fares, bus fares, etc. My wife’s fares were another story, since the MA program itself cost 6K$ American, but it included several travel destinations and on certain occasions, really splendid food and accommodation. The experience was very well worth our money and effort spent.

So here I am back at my present home town. I interviewed at a local community college for work as a continuing Ed instructor. I don’t know if I will land it, but should know very soon. I have also written and submitted several stories and poems. One of my poems , “Wherefore Art Thou, My Love,” was submitted and accepted for publication by “Leaves Of Ink” literary journal today. For more real life wild eyed adventure stories, stay tuned right here at this link! Until next time….

Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Today is our last full day in Malaga, or Spain in general. We decided to spend it at the beach. We intended to arise and make our way there before 0900, but we didn’t actually make it out until around 0930. By the time we made it, all of the chairs with umbrellas had been rented out. Securing one is possible for only 7 euros and the rent can last all day long into the night.

Live At The Beach!

We strolled along quietly and took our breakfast at an outdoor cafe’ called Coshilattes. Behind this restaurant is a large palm that casts a nice shadow. A wares peddler was attempting to sell blankets, more than likely from Morocco. He wanted 16 euros, but my wife talked him down to 8, and purchased a fine specimen of her own choice. On this blanket beneath the palm, with a backpack used for a pillow, we both lay in the shade, taking turns watching our bags and swimming.

Live On A Beach!

We remained in this spot, basically, moving only to get a bite of food. Later in the evening we purchased a local dish of rice, beans, shellfish, shrimp, and fish. We only paid 8 euros and were told that it was for two, but when we got the food, we were convinced that it was really only a dish for one. In the end we were both satisfied, however.

Our hostel is located directly across from the large train station with a mall inside. There are advantages and disadvantages in that. The greatest benefit is that being so located makes it simple for us to find our room later on. The con in the picture is that walking to the beach takes around 45 minutes to an hour. I don’t mind it, but the wife really struggles due to age related issues. We exited the beach around 2100 hrs and made it back to our room around 2200 hrs.

Take The Long Way Home

Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

We both arose from the Burger King and began walking around checking out our surroundings. Malaga is nice and very antique. The city is 2800 years old, and one of the longest continually inhabited places on earth. The Phonetician, a tribe of Canaanites just as the Hebrew were, began the city. It was a place of import/export commerce, since the Phoneticians build an empire on trade and business negotiation.

The Malaga exalt their history, not discard it simply because it might not fit into some sort of present day political agenda being forced upon its citizens. That is what I mean when I say that a place has soul. I found Naples, Italy, to be in the same category, as is Charleston, SC, and S.T. Augustine, Florida, back in the US. Atlanta is an entirely different story, however, but enough on that. I think that readers get the picture by now.

The City From Its Bastille Wall

We found a hostel for 70 euros a night, where we book up for the next two days. Here we place our suitcases and bags, only to hit the town walking around. We both had slept on the all night bus ride and felt fit as a fiddle, being completely rested. We hopped a city bus and rode all over the town, getting off at a few places here and there along the beach. Throughout Spain the city buses only cost 1.5 euros. Along the way we also purchase a hop on and off bus ticket for thirty euros a ticket. This ticket includes a free pass to eight different museums, a boat ride around the harbor, and a Flaminco show. We hopped the bus and spent the remainder of the day partying and strolling around in the city. The Flaminco show was excellent. We made it back to the hostel at 2130 that evening, and were exhausted by then.

The Last Fandago

The wife is talking about going to Morrocco, but the travel agency was closed by the time we made it. The deal seemed really good, with a bus tour, three meals included, and a return trip. We will see how everything turns out today.

We completed out bus tour, then hit the beach, where we walked around in the sun and sand all day long. From the knees down and on my arms half way up between my elbows and shoulders, not to mention my face and neck, I really have a good tan. We ate lamb, rice, salad, and french fries for only 7 euros at one of the beach cafes. This dish included the drink of our choice, from water, to juice, to whatever. We are back in our room now at 2205. We showered and are resting a bit, where we might go back out later on.

The Bull Fighting Ring, A Must See!

Traveling Spain & Greece On A Pauper’s Dime

Much has happened since the last time I made a post. We traveled to Greece. The first day we walked around the beach near where the resort was that we stayed. The resort was called Smaragdi, near a small beach front development called Perissa, although the true area is called Perivolos. The two municipalities once were separate, but now have grown together. Once out on the beach there were plenty of souvenir shops, small stores, and bars to pause at. We purchased a small drink, then lounged around underneath one of the umbrella areas near the beach listening to authentic Greek music be played to accompany our lounge. We stayed out until 2100 hours, then made our way back to the resort for some late night pool side relaxation.

Our second day was originally planned for the total island boat tour with Kamari Tours. We had a mishap, however , that caused us to postpone the tour until the next day. The resort room had a lock box for valuables. The lock worked by entering a four digit number into a computer. My wanted to get into the box and miss-stepped on the number. The problem was that this new number was preferred by the computer over the old one, and the wife forgot what number she had entered in, consequently jamming the computer system. I told the manager about the matter, who tried to break the code and enter in, but failed. He called in an expert at doing these things, who finally opened the door to the safe after more than an hour of trying. In the end everybody laughed about it and all was well.

Because of the experience with the safe, we would up lounging around at the beach for another day. We also took the local bus for 1.50 euros, and explored every major town and city on the entire island of Thera. We saw some beautiful sights over looking the city and the ocean from several mountain heights. We got some really cool pictures, especially in the city of Oui. We didn’t make it home until 0200 the following morning.

Hanging Out On The Town

On the third day we had to be up by 0845 to meet the tour bus by 0900. This moment was the big day of our Santorini trip. The tour bus left, taking us to a small port town where we caught the ship. By 1000 hrs we were on our way out. The first place we paused at was another small village near the volcano. For about two hours we could walk around exploring the area, or swim if we chose to. The wife and I chose to walk around.

Kickin’ it Greek island style!

The second place the tour transported us to was the volcano itself. While Thera volcano is said to be inactive, there have been some seismographic activity detected in recent years. Here one was free to hike all the way up to the center of the crater. The weather was more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and extremely dry. It also cost 2.5 euros to make the hike up. My wife was feeling badly at the time, so we both hung around at the base of the volcano for twenty minutes or so, then made our way back onto the ship for our pick of the best seats. Most of the people didn’t stay out much longer than we did, so we didn’t feel like we lost anything.

The Volcano!

Our third destination was another small town near the base of the volcano somewhere on the opposite side from where we were. Here we could make our way off the boat and explore for the next two hours. There were plenty of souvenir shops, and food restaurants. The sun was really hot so the wife and myself took our ease in the shade.

Our forth destination was an area to too far away where passengers were allowed to leap of the ship and swim in the ocean. I dipped in for ten minutes or so, then made my way back onto the boat. We only remained there for an hour, so by the time the boat started back up, I was already dry.

The tours final destination was to the city of Oui. Here we were allowed to explore the town until time for a spectacular sunset. The scene made for some post card quality photographs and plenty of good conversation. By 2100 hrs we were headed back down to the Euromarket where the bus let us off and we walked back to the resort. The walk was only about 5 minutes and really relaxing more than frightening. We made it back by 1100, so we still had time to lounge around the pool over a cool drink and some good conversation.

Sunset Time!

The next day we had to be up and out by 0330, since our flight back to Madrid was at 0500. We booked a cab for 15 euros a piece, and made it back to the small island airport in plenty of time. In no time we were on our way back to Madrid, and our Greek island experience was over.

Once back in Madrid we took our time figuring out what we were going to do next. We finally decided to book a 7 hour bus ride for 16 euros a per person to Malaga, a beach town. Our ride was booked for midnight, so we will be on the road for seven hours when we go. We also booked our return trip from Malaga back to Madrid so that we might avoid any possibility of not being able to meet our flight back to the States on August the 6th. Right now it the time is 1800 hrs and we are just relaxing in Burger King. Stay tuned to find our how this adventure winds up; same wild place, same crazy time!