My First Big Novel Deal Is Finally Out!

While I have published novels with low swimming publishing companies in the past, this contract was my first deal with a traditional midlevel publishing company. The contract was signed way back in February. Its taken nine months to complete the how to structural debates inside the publishing house, the editorials, for the cover to be designed, so forth and so on. For the most part, an effort to write a book, submit it, and have it published, is a time consuming effort. I have only had one book (work of any kind) where my syllabus was accepted and my full manuscript requested the day after. Four days later I was sent a publishing contract – almost unheard of in this business! This was a work of nonfiction published by traditional publisher, Algora Publishing, out of New York City. My manuscript was consequently divided, winding up being two separate works on US History, with one leading into another.

I may have already covered this, but my present novel was written more than ten years ago. I have been making submissions and searching for a traditional publisher for all this time. I have rewritten the manuscript totally, at least five times, renamed it, etc. My present work is most definitely NOT the same one it started out as, since the editor carved it up and rewrote the thing once more again! Anyway, for your convenience, here is the first best link;, and the second;

Dropping a line…

Much has happened since I last spoke. Hope everybody is doing well. My writing has been going along very well. Traditional publishers have recently contracted two fictional novels, and one 50K word work of non-fiction. These three works are called,” Southbound To Angel Island,” “They Called Him Ringo Arenas,” and “Camping For The Long Term With Nothing But The Clothes On One’s Back And His Bare Hands.” I don’t have the links, but soon will. The same traditional publishing company has contracted them, so keep your eyes out. I have had numerous poems published, such as one in the English Journal, AWEN.

My job still holds, yet everything is sort of stuck in the mud around here at the present time. My wife has flown on a trip to the Middle East. She will return next weekend. I couldn’t travel with her because of this job I have. We will be relocating in June, I presume. I don’t know where we are headed, maybe South Carolina, maybe Texas, maybe Spain, I don’t know, but we are gone from here, for sure!

The national situation seems rather austere in general, at best, eh? The experts, such as Ron Paul, the author of “Rich Man Poor Man,” and others warn of emenent staggering hyper inflation and economic collapse. This reality has been with us since the era of de-industrialization, from 1983 onward. The question is what kind of reality do banking and corporate elitist have for the American proletariet? What did they say they fully intended to build on American soil back in 1935? Read “Stairway To Tyranny” to find out.

A Note In Time

Here I am at 1029 7/24/2021. Its been a while since my last post. I have two poems published in Atlantean Publishing, a print and online zine, if I understand right. I have also had other successes. SF Nonfiction has published a number of my works, see “Survival Backpacking,” “The Ten Best Survival Jobs,” and “Become Traditionally Published”

The well founded book distributor/publisher, Delta Press, has expressed interest in these works. Should they choose to list my works, the success potential in this will be unlimited! My work is unlike any most others along these lines, because I actually live what I speak of on one plain of perspective or another. I firmly believe in giving specific, accurate how-to information as I found it to be, leading me into my point of success. Since all of my work is linked, it could carry me through from a total perspective of consideration. In my writing life, I have been successful, which is really what I am all about anyway. Everything else is secondary to me.

I haven’t done much traveling in more than a year now, since I work a job demanding all of my time. I do maintenance work, and prospects for employment are universal, and grow by the day, literally. I will soon obtain my HVAC certification. I need my EPA certificate next. Not only will I get a raise, I will be in high demand. I thought about moving back into teaching, since C19 knocked me out of my last job, but teaching jobs can be tough to land. I have two teaching interviews today, if they go through.

I may remain in my present field, however, since I can literally move around anywhere in North America, doing what I do now. My plan is to relocate into a major literary town or small city. Some nice choices exist out there, to my own astonishment. My company has work in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, and more, not to mention working with Time Share Companies and various resorts. I might be able to wrangle a fabulous interesting job on an exotic timeshare somewhere, for all that I know presently. I need to make the most from the next decade, in every way, I feel. If I improve in every way each decade out, when my time arrives I might go out in a blaze of glory yet, eh? When I do reach my grand point of success, should you stay tuned, I will tell you exactly how I did it, for sure!

My Upcoming Novel

Recently I placed a manuscript into submission, and I was offered a contract. The novel is titled “Southbound To Angel Island.” This novel is a unique work of escapist literature. It deals with a very realistic description of social deterioration covering America’s landscape. The protagonist is falsely accused of a crime, where he flees to a mysterious elusive island he was informed of as a child by sailor elders in his family. Here on this island, his every dream of wealth and individual liberty is fulfilled. This island is what America once was, and established to be, an oasis of individual choice.

I truly enjoyed writing this novel, although I did so some ten years ago. I have edited it and rewrote it more than five times over the years, submitting it more than one hundred times, until I finally landed a traditional publishing contract in 2021. I certainly hope readers enjoy this work when it comes out, much as I have writing it.

My First Big Novel Publishing Deal

Life is an ocean of waves, but we sail on. In the end good times far outweigh the bad. While I failed to secure a new instructional job, I made it into a bottom level in property management. I am thirty percent a maintenance man, and seventy percent a grounds keeper. When I keep the work up, my job duties rank among some of the easiest I ever performed. I also have an astonishing level of mobility, fitting my personality very well, since I hate remaining in the same place for more than two years.

My writing life is steady, as always, and always will be. I have a recent poem published in a journal inside the past week. My great success was landing a novel publishing contract with Pen-it Publishing. This particular novel was one I actually wrote ten years ago during a dark period of my life. I have rewrote this novel at least five times, changing the title often. The present title is “Southbound To Angel Island.” There is far more truth in this work than fiction, I hate to repeat. The protagonist may be citizens of the US one day far too soon in the future.

The protagonist was born into a land of individualist excellence. He lived in a culture of complete liberty. He was told America was the land of excellence, no matter where one chose to live. When this protagonist exited from his home area, he discovered how corrupted America had truly become. All of his life from his sailor family he heard of an island of individualist glory somewhere deep in the southern seas. Once the political inquisition condemned him to prison on a totally invalid claim, he made his astonishing exit out for ever. While there on this island, he lived to achieve the glory he was destined to have.

My Latest Publishing Triumphs; and my literary lifestyle to date

Life for many writers is a state of constant transformation, with an unending roll of waves rising high and falling low. In this regard mine is certainly no exception. While the C19 lockdown put me out of work, and seems to have dissolved any opportunities in American education, since I can’t jet away presently I began a new life in property managing. I am working my way up from the grounds-keeper, maintenance level, opening a new chapter in my recent publication titled “The Ten Best Survival Jobs.”

The job is not that bad. Once one hires on with the property owning corporation, he has benefits. Pay is O.K. . I have experience in maintenance, so landing the job for me was relatively simple. It looks and sounds far worse than it is, although one’s experience would vary from location to location. I work underneath good management where I am. My job consists of moving trash tubs, changing trash bags in fifty gallon cans, and picking trash with grabbers. Its seventy percent trash eradication and thirty percent maintenance.

Should one wish to initiate an author’s lifestyle, then finding specific how-to information that consistently works, and works well, will be a nagging problem. The exact step by step information may be found here, however and now one’s author problems are solved. One day the author of this work will become a best selling writer. When he does, be rested assured where loyal readers will have access to the exact details, allowing them to achieve an identical level of success.

If one wishes to do a bit of unusual fictional reading for some decent entertainment, then one has a few new choices on the hook. For those who relish unique epic poetry, read this; For some wild short stories click on this link. Be certain to scroll down until you arrive at the work of H.L. Dowless. If one loves unique Christmas stories based on an element of truth, then read this; The writer’s life never stops.

Otherwise we both are Tom Catting around all over the damn place!

Dropping By

Things have be happening since my latest post. I relocated again. I am now living outside of Charlotte, NC. I have had numerous publishing success stories inside the past three months. One of my best is with a company called S.F. Nonfiction books. I turned 600.00 last month with a single book alone called “The 10 Best Survival Jobs.” Never be Unemployed Again! ( I also have another book out by the same company called, “Become Traditionally Published.” While I can’t come out and say I guarantee success utilizing my techniques, I can all but say that any person who writes with any substance, and follows my advice to the letter, can most definitely become traditionally published. Those who already are traditionally published can potentially see their success levels sky rocket. While I haven’t yet reached best seller status, doing so and making record on a listing somewhere isn’t nearly tough as it once was. When that day arrives, loyal readers may be rested assured I will kindly grant them all of the nitty gritty details. While other successful writers withhold how to details, when my day arrives where I reach bon fire bragging rights status, I will tell all of the get down glorious detail specifics so that you can be success as a writer too.

I have also had other success stories in fiction. Some of my poetry has been published in numerous literary journals. A short novella of mine was also recently published. .

I have begun working my way up in property management. Teaching jobs are simply not available anymore in America. Covid -19 hasn’t helped the situation any. I must follow some of my own advice, which is what sets my work apart from all others; I am living what I write about, as I write and speak. What other writer can make such a statement, and be telling the honest truth? What I like about property management is that I can potentially relocate anywhere in America, and have a good paying job with benefits, etc. All I need is twelve more years and I can draw social security, eh? I will shift gears and do something else then. In the mean time, I am going to hang in the field where I am. Its really not bad as it sounds. I like what I am doing. The work is easy, and I am one who knows what hard work is. Anyway, with this C-19 garbage still raging, 400K dead in the US, so they claim. (I drink whiskey so I think I am pretty much immune,) I am in the survival mode.

I am also working on a new novel. I have been submitting my query to agents. Its the fifth one I have written. My new novel is called “Ludlow’s Daughter.” Ludlow’s daughter is something else, and you certainly don’t want one like her, let me tell you! Lots of violence, sex, mystery, and intrigue in this sweet little Gothic horror book. It will be a must have when it comes out. I will definitely keep you posted, so stay tuned.

I don’t know what to make of this new president yet. My gut feeling isn’t very positive. I know the real truth about where America is headed, and has been for a long while now. Read “Reflections On The Loss Of The Freeborn American Nation,” and “Stairway To Tyranny” for much more detailed information you absolutely must have. The US government doesn’t want citizens to know the real truth. Historical facts have been twisted in the mainstream document served up inside the American public school system. Read these two works for an examination of untarnished facts. The most enslaved person is a bond-servant who somehow believes he is free.


I’ve had many recent publishing success stories. Maybe one of the best is in the area of how-to information. The latest high potential publication was titled, “The Ten Best Survival Jobs, how to find them, how to get them.” This work is based on a genuine lifestyle lived in the present by the author. Besides information in regard to survival jobs, much more is packed inside this 20K word document.

Read and discover why Americans even need to know about survival jobs. Discover where to live and find these jobs, as one discovers how to strengthen personal weaknesses in general, serving to reduce one’s opportunity for employment. Americans are winners, and having access to such information allows us to remain confident through any potential era of adversity, be it on a national or personal basis.

My other worthwhile publishing success story was with DLG Publishing. Click on this link. This story was a short story published by this traditional company. While there have been others, this one might stand out the loudest. Readers who are moved to do so, may donate to the Starving Author’s Fund via PayPal, using the address, . Give a shout and let us know how you feel in comments below! When the how-to book comes out, the link will be published on this blog site.

The School That Tells All

Have you ever wanted to know how a writer today can become published traditionally? Are you frustrated, not knowing where to submit, let alone how to build a publishing platform? What about landing an agent? Have you discovered how difficult accomplishing such a feat can be in today’s world of writing and publishing? How do we write query letters? What is a query letter for crying out loud here?

One of the most difficult feats in writing and publishing is to find specific facts, that bear consistent noticeable positive results. All of these struggles are about to end, starting with this single short course packed full with specific how to information any writer simply must have inside his or her body of instructional information. What sets this information apart from all others of this nature is the fact of the author moving upward in the publishing scene utilizing the same techniques he is simultaneously sharing with readers. How much more accurate and current could information ever be?

Look no farther than this page with the link soon to be displayed. There is a link where a class can be accessed, revealing all about where to find publishers wanting submissions, how to make them. Where to find agents. How to write query letters. On top of that, this course outlines a fool proof system for making submissions guaranteed to raise ones acceptance rates, if writers only follow these exact instructions. Get your course and print copy today!

Click on the link above and learn from a thirty five year veteran writer, traditionally published author, and owner of Rowdy Living Press. Learn from him as you follow along on this blog, sharing in his memorial occasions, living with him as he experiences the highs and lows of life. Drop a line, buy some different types of literature, and take a course along the way! Most of all, enjoy every day, and as always, happy writing!

Just checking in…

Well, there’s not much going on right now with me, to be honest. Things in general are somewhat stuck in the mud. Everything is still about half closed down everywhere, to my surprise. I personally feel this C-19 business is a bit overrated. Its real, mind you, but over blown. I would have never closed down the economy, and isolated the people. All this move has done is set the world up for another outbreak. If people move around, there will be a die off in the initiative, but then one’s natural immunities kick in, and the plague stops once and for all.

As far as these protests going on are concerned, what are they really about? The appeal to emotion commands for us to embrace a conclusion of racism, but is it “racism” or really racism? Would the conclusions or protests, random violence, broad accusations and events, have been the same if those who murdered were from the same demographic as those who died? Was it police brutality and corruption, or were the raging protests raw racism, pure and simple? Do we have “systemic racism,” or do we really have systemic racism?

What ever happened to the only discriminating factor in employment being he who is most qualified, most industrious, most effective, and first come first served? Where does government feel it has a right to dictate who businesses hire, create a Marxist policy of employee political constituents and hiring quotas, create mandated so called “equal opportunity’ employment clauses , and tell entrepreneurs how they run their enterprises, in general? Are most business enterprises being subsidized by government directly and/or indirectly? You tell us all about it in your blog pages.

I once attended a municipality meeting, and the percentage given was more than 95%! If such a reality is true, then government truly does have a right to tell business enterprises, private and otherwise, how to run their personal affairs. Have a government backed home loan? Expect a loss of personal liberty, then, on one’s own property. The borrower is slave to the lender! Does one pay taxes based on an indefinite recurring time schedule? If so, then he never truly owns anything. Think about that before one attends some protest rally. What systemic crimes should he really be hitting the streets about? And this sudden mounting move to neuter the 2nd Amendment? Are you kidding me, in light of these other concerns? Think about all of that for a moment!

US constitution and the Bill Of Rights state that American citizens have an inalienable right to own property. Property taxes based on an indefinite recurring time schedule are illegal, then, since they rob a person of his right to actually own the property. Finite taxes built into the price of the home are legal, since there would be a day when the owner actually owned the property. Panama has such a system, so why doesn’t the US? Why does the year 1952, when this new form property tax originated, bear such weighted relevance? It didn’t actually materialize on the ground, broadly speaking, until 1960. What was going on in US government at the time, to facilitate this subtle theft of an individual right to own property? Did Marxist/collectivist philosophy bear any weight in these legalities of property ownership?

These are all serious questions people need to be asking. I, personally, don’t care to be very productive, when the only incentive is basic food, shelter, and transportation. I’ll work enough to justify this sort of return, but no more, when the incentive is removed. What about you? There will always be menial work, no matter how many robots are invented. Nothing comes for free. Are you going to be willing to give the national system a grueling 6, 12 hr days of labor for basic food and shelter; or in other words, what forty hours of minimum wage work would allow? You can, but I am not! These are real questions everybody should ponder realistic answers to, because history reveals such a manifestation of persecution is what greed based Marxist systems always deteriorate into. I don’t want it myself.

Anyway, enough trash news talk, things really have slowed a bit on a personal level, right now in general. I have a new job interview very soon, so wish me well. I will also be relocating to another town some two hours away in October. Maybe everything is about to pick up ’round here after all! I’ve had a few more publishing successes, mainly poetry, but also one short story. A novel of mine was accepted recently for publication by a midlevel publisher. When it comes out I will be certain to post the link. So, in the meantime,


And as always