Another adventure in an accomplished author’s life

June 26th, 2022, seemed to arrive fast. Before that date my life in this run down, stuck in the mud, shuttered up mill town had run into a daily burying rut. I was in need of a new thrill, for sure. We had been living there for one year and eight months, not even two years as we usually remain in one place. The town lies outside of a growing metropolis area known as The Queen City, wife of King George III, who was king during the American Revolution. Don’t dare make the mistake of thinking this place to be a true city, because it’s not more than a large town at best. The locals there are ignorant enough not to know better, however.

It seems like everybody from all over America and the world at large wants to be in The Queen City and the surrounding smaller suburban areas. Even before the Covid era, people were flocking in from states such as California off Interstate 40, and the Northeastern states. So many people are arriving in from these places it arouses colorful imaginings of the grotesque scourge to civilization these areas must have deteriorated into over the years. I’ve traveled into these places before on numerous occasions, but never cared to live there with so many other choices available. Nobody ever moves in from Vermont. People in Vermont appear to be content with their environment. I kind of like it myself, since it reminds me somewhat of home, back in the days when I was growing up.

I personally never was in love with the Queen City area, since the infrastructure hasn’t expanded outward nowhere near to a necessary extent in accommodation for these incoming masses of people, and these masses have been pouring in for over thirty years now. Cost of living is atrociously out of step with the wage base in general. My wife and I were eating like the Chinese do simply to afford having food on the table.

Getting work is a big deal there, especially if one desires anything on a professional level. In every professional employment arena, I see virtually no Anglo-Saxon males hired in, especially in State or Federal Government jobs. All I see are other demographics being hired into almost any management position or government position at large, even when qualified people from other genders and demographics are applying. Matter of fact, Anglo-Saxons are being unjustifiably terminated from their employment positions. What this fact of being informs the writer of is to the lacking in general of opportunity at large in many states, and rather than making an effort at creating more, those who manage the system are simply coddling to the loudest complainers, at the expense of those whom it is politically correct to discriminate against.

I had a thirty-year-old cousin terminated from her ten-year employment at an eastern municipal power station simply because the new management hailed from a different demographic, desired to hire in their own kind, and the prevailing system in place allowed them to get away with it. I know of one schoolteacher and a principal whose contracts were non-renewed, simply because the superintendent and the assistant superintendent wanted these positions for members of their own demographic, and the people in power simply glanced the other way when it happened. Big business and government save loads of money and themselves trouble, by holding cost of living prices high and neglecting to recruit in business who will be almost guaranteed to compete with those in alliance to their own officials. So therefore, it’s not that any of these officials give a happy damn about correcting any type of past wrong, it’s that they can still fill their own pockets in the process. As long as a majority are placated or intimidated into a smug silence, everybody else can starve to death, far as they are concerned.

For an enduring time now, I knew such a deterioration was all forth coming. The process in a number of American states has been one of hiring based on a quota-system, ever since 1983 when laws were removed allowing for down-sizing and outsourcing of the American production base. Now, in many states the schools have commenced teaching an agenda in line with the prevailing political agenda, that is sharply reminiscent of the one taught in Germany after World War One. In Germany’s emerging era of Fascism and National Socialism back in its time, the face of the Jew was postulated as being guilty of promoting all national wrongs throughout history. In America’s present-day era of growing Fascism and National Socialism, the human face being postulated as guilty for promoting the past sins of the nation is that of the Anglo-Saxon, and the Anglo-Saxon male, specifically.

Those who are conscious of their history are clearly aware that outright persecution shall follow when its politically correct to allow it, and advantageous to the corporations in company with their government allies. All the corporate CEOs and their government allies desire is whatever benefits their own bottom line most of all, to the greatest extreme possible. When boundaries are removed regulating against it, corporation and government always reverts back into a state of slavery, on one plateau or another, no what matter what the institution is being destroyed in the process.

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