A Note In Time

Here I am at 1029 7/24/2021. Its been a while since my last post. I have two poems published in Atlantean Publishing, a print and online zine, if I understand right. I have also had other successes. SF Nonfiction has published a number of my works, see “Survival Backpacking https://www.amazon.com/Survival-Backpacking-Every-Situation-Occasion/dp/1925979504,” “The Ten Best Survival Jobs https://www.amazon.ca/10-Best-Survival-Jobs-find/dp/1925979482,” and “Become Traditionally Published https://www.amazon.com/Become-Traditionally-Published-literary-climate/dp/1925979490.”

The well founded book distributor/publisher, Delta Press, has expressed interest in these works. Should they choose to list my works, the success potential in this will be unlimited! My work is unlike any most others along these lines, because I actually live what I speak of on one plain of perspective or another. I firmly believe in giving specific, accurate how-to information as I found it to be, leading me into my point of success. Since all of my work is linked, it could carry me through from a total perspective of consideration. In my writing life, I have been successful, which is really what I am all about anyway. Everything else is secondary to me.

I haven’t done much traveling in more than a year now, since I work a job demanding all of my time. I do maintenance work, and prospects for employment are universal, and grow by the day, literally. I will soon obtain my HVAC certification. I need my EPA certificate next. Not only will I get a raise, I will be in high demand. I thought about moving back into teaching, since C19 knocked me out of my last job, but teaching jobs can be tough to land. I have two teaching interviews today, if they go through.

I may remain in my present field, however, since I can literally move around anywhere in North America, doing what I do now. My plan is to relocate into a major literary town or small city. Some nice choices exist out there, to my own astonishment. My company has work in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, and more, not to mention working with Time Share Companies and various resorts. I might be able to wrangle a fabulous interesting job on an exotic timeshare somewhere, for all that I know presently. I need to make the most from the next decade, in every way, I feel. If I improve in every way each decade out, when my time arrives I might go out in a blaze of glory yet, eh? When I do reach my grand point of success, should you stay tuned, I will tell you exactly how I did it, for sure!

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