My Upcoming Novel

Recently I placed a manuscript into submission, and I was offered a contract. The novel is titled “Southbound To Angel Island.” This novel is a unique work of escapist literature. It deals with a very realistic description of social deterioration covering America’s landscape. The protagonist is falsely accused of a crime, where he flees to a mysterious elusive island he was informed of as a child by sailor elders in his family. Here on this island, his every dream of wealth and individual liberty is fulfilled. This island is what America once was, and established to be, an oasis of individual choice.

I truly enjoyed writing this novel, although I did so some ten years ago. I have edited it and rewrote it more than five times over the years, submitting it more than one hundred times, until I finally landed a traditional publishing contract in 2021. I certainly hope readers enjoy this work when it comes out, much as I have writing it.

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