My First Big Novel Publishing Deal

Life is an ocean of waves, but we sail on. In the end good times far outweigh the bad. While I failed to secure a new instructional job, I made it into a bottom level in property management. I am thirty percent a maintenance man, and seventy percent a grounds keeper. When I keep the work up, my job duties rank among some of the easiest I ever performed. I also have an astonishing level of mobility, fitting my personality very well, since I hate remaining in the same place for more than two years.

My writing life is steady, as always, and always will be. I have a recent poem published in a journal inside the past week. My great success was landing a novel publishing contract with Pen-it Publishing. This particular novel was one I actually wrote ten years ago during a dark period of my life. I have rewrote this novel at least five times, changing the title often. The present title is “Southbound To Angel Island.” There is far more truth in this work than fiction, I hate to repeat. The protagonist may be citizens of the US one day far too soon in the future.

The protagonist was born into a land of individualist excellence. He lived in a culture of complete liberty. He was told America was the land of excellence, no matter where one chose to live. When this protagonist exited from his home area, he discovered how corrupted America had truly become. All of his life from his sailor family he heard of an island of individualist glory somewhere deep in the southern seas. Once the political inquisition condemned him to prison on a totally invalid claim, he made his astonishing exit out for ever. While there on this island, he lived to achieve the glory he was destined to have.

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