My Latest Publishing Triumphs; and my literary lifestyle to date

Life for many writers is a state of constant transformation, with an unending roll of waves rising high and falling low. In this regard mine is certainly no exception. While the C19 lockdown put me out of work, and seems to have dissolved any opportunities in American education, since I can’t jet away presently I began a new life in property managing. I am working my way up from the grounds-keeper, maintenance level, opening a new chapter in my recent publication titled “The Ten Best Survival Jobs.”

The job is not that bad. Once one hires on with the property owning corporation, he has benefits. Pay is O.K. . I have experience in maintenance, so landing the job for me was relatively simple. It looks and sounds far worse than it is, although one’s experience would vary from location to location. I work underneath good management where I am. My job consists of moving trash tubs, changing trash bags in fifty gallon cans, and picking trash with grabbers. Its seventy percent trash eradication and thirty percent maintenance.

Should one wish to initiate an author’s lifestyle, then finding specific how-to information that consistently works, and works well, will be a nagging problem. The exact step by step information may be found here, however and now one’s author problems are solved. One day the author of this work will become a best selling writer. When he does, be rested assured where loyal readers will have access to the exact details, allowing them to achieve an identical level of success.

If one wishes to do a bit of unusual fictional reading for some decent entertainment, then one has a few new choices on the hook. For those who relish unique epic poetry, read this; For some wild short stories click on this link. Be certain to scroll down until you arrive at the work of H.L. Dowless. If one loves unique Christmas stories based on an element of truth, then read this; The writer’s life never stops.

Otherwise we both are Tom Catting around all over the damn place!

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