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Well, there’s not much going on right now with me, to be honest. Things in general are somewhat stuck in the mud. Everything is still about half closed down everywhere, to my surprise. I personally feel this C-19 business is a bit overrated. Its real, mind you, but over blown. I would have never closed down the economy, and isolated the people. All this move has done is set the world up for another outbreak. If people move around, there will be a die off in the initiative, but then one’s natural immunities kick in, and the plague stops once and for all.

As far as these protests going on are concerned, what are they really about? The appeal to emotion commands for us to embrace a conclusion of racism, but is it “racism” or really racism? Would the conclusions or protests, random violence, broad accusations and events, have been the same if those who murdered were from the same demographic as those who died? Was it police brutality and corruption, or were the raging protests raw racism, pure and simple? Do we have “systemic racism,” or do we really have systemic racism?

What ever happened to the only discriminating factor in employment being he who is most qualified, most industrious, most effective, and first come first served? Where does government feel it has a right to dictate who businesses hire, create a Marxist policy of employee political constituents and hiring quotas, create mandated so called “equal opportunity’ employment clauses , and tell entrepreneurs how they run their enterprises, in general? Are most business enterprises being subsidized by government directly and/or indirectly? You tell us all about it in your blog pages.

I once attended a municipality meeting, and the percentage given was more than 95%! If such a reality is true, then government truly does have a right to tell business enterprises, private and otherwise, how to run their personal affairs. Have a government backed home loan? Expect a loss of personal liberty, then, on one’s own property. The borrower is slave to the lender! Does one pay taxes based on an indefinite recurring time schedule? If so, then he never truly owns anything. Think about that before one attends some protest rally. What systemic crimes should he really be hitting the streets about? And this sudden mounting move to neuter the 2nd Amendment? Are you kidding me, in light of these other concerns? Think about all of that for a moment!

US constitution and the Bill Of Rights state that American citizens have an inalienable right to own property. Property taxes based on an indefinite recurring time schedule are illegal, then, since they rob a person of his right to actually own the property. Finite taxes built into the price of the home are legal, since there would be a day when the owner actually owned the property. Panama has such a system, so why doesn’t the US? Why does the year 1952, when this new form property tax originated, bear such weighted relevance? It didn’t actually materialize on the ground, broadly speaking, until 1960. What was going on in US government at the time, to facilitate this subtle theft of an individual right to own property? Did Marxist/collectivist philosophy bear any weight in these legalities of property ownership?

These are all serious questions people need to be asking. I, personally, don’t care to be very productive, when the only incentive is basic food, shelter, and transportation. I’ll work enough to justify this sort of return, but no more, when the incentive is removed. What about you? There will always be menial work, no matter how many robots are invented. Nothing comes for free. Are you going to be willing to give the national system a grueling 6, 12 hr days of labor for basic food and shelter; or in other words, what forty hours of minimum wage work would allow? You can, but I am not! These are real questions everybody should ponder realistic answers to, because history reveals such a manifestation of persecution is what greed based Marxist systems always deteriorate into. I don’t want it myself.

Anyway, enough trash news talk, things really have slowed a bit on a personal level, right now in general. I have a new job interview very soon, so wish me well. I will also be relocating to another town some two hours away in October. Maybe everything is about to pick up ’round here after all! I’ve had a few more publishing successes, mainly poetry, but also one short story. A novel of mine was accepted recently for publication by a midlevel publisher. When it comes out I will be certain to post the link. So, in the meantime,


And as always



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