My Latest Gig

I don’t like to admit it, but things have been a bit slow, as of late. My bus driving job didn’t materialize. It seems they couldn’t get some type of yet to be defined information from my references. They asked me for another one, but three were all I had to give, so the opportunity fizzled out. Luckily for me, my unemployment finally kicked in at long last, plus my two 1200.00 checks, courtesy of good ole Uncle Sam! Being unemployed isn’t so bad underneath these circumstances. Now I have unlimited time to think, day dream, submit, and write. I have had loads of recent publishing successes, including having my first novel published by an honest midlevel publishing company, rather than a bottom feeder in the great media pond of earth. The novel is a western titled; “They Called Him Ringo Arenas.” When it finally comes out I will be certain to post the link right here, so stay tuned.

I have done a few freelance writing gigs on Upwork, and a two other sites, but the pay was hardly coming at best, work was rather arduous and confusing. The entire experience at large was not worth me bragging about here. It did net me some ching-chang in the side thing in a rather unanticipated way not related to the site, a consequential tank of gas, and a mega-fat lamb, beef, and cheese hoagie at the local hen-town bistro. I’ll spare the details on the particular brazen and bold experience granting me the kind favors, however. Too bad I couldn’t have sauntered on down to the town courthouse steps and relished the philosophical debates when the dirty deed was done, but so life goes in an age ruled by an intentional systemic manufactured ignorance so heavily soaked in appeal to emotion. I declare the situation really is hell on intellectual development among the American masses! Anyway, work appears to be tough to come by on these sites, no matter what they claim or try to instruct me into making changes.

I did get to engage in some adventure, however, but certainly nowhere near what we originally planned for our summer. We cruised onto Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky. No kidding, its built to biblical scale based in the Egyptian Cubit, being 18 inches. I say the real ark was built based on the Sumerian Cubit, being 21 inches, since good ole Noah sailed long before Egypt was ever a single stone out in what eventually became the desert, but so it is with my view on the matter. Needless to say, this ship is the size of a modern cruise liner! You can go visit it, with all the animals, cages, information on how Noah and his seven family members might have managed such an enterprise, and much more. The price is 75 American dollars for a day pass, but get the 20.00 pass for the creation museum with it. All of this is well worth it. This had to be one of the best weekend mini vacation trips I have taken as of late. We venture out on them as often as we can.

We motored out to Williamstown Kentucky early on a Friday morning. The night before I booked our first nights stay in a hotel beside the NA park called “The Sunshine Inn”. I paid 50.00 a night, including tax and a bag breakfast, because of this C-19 garbage. I must warn readers, while Williamstown is small, room and board is mega-expensive, I thought. The whole town had only begun to open a week earlier, as did the Ark exhibit. The going rates otherwise were well over 100.00 a night everywhere we looked online! We bought in a rice cooker and a crock pot, and done our food shopping at the local Walmart on the cheap, when compared to prices eating out. We purchased two big Mexican beef and bean burritos in Walmart ( a place I utterly hate to go), and four cans of Mexican fruit juice for our carry on lunch. Our grand total was a whopping 2.90 cents for all of it. This we backpacked into the Noah’s Ark exhibit. It saved us loads of money and precious time we would have spent waiting in line. Be prepared to spend a whole day on NA when you go. It will still take at least half a day rushing through the exhibit, which would be an utter waste, so why not slow down and savor the time?

The Creation Museum is a fine way of identifying the many lies perpetuated by today’s scientist, paid to indochinite the masses by the banking dynasties in American and Europe via university donations, seeking to validate Karl Marx and Charles Darwin’s natural justification for the enslaving political ideology accompanying it. Be ready to pack a lunch in here, and spend a day inside as well. There is so much to see, do, and listen to in both places. There was a bit of leftist politics mixed in with the lectures and sights at the boat and museum, believe it or not, but not so much that it couldn’t be jettisoned aside in lieu of far more interesting alternatives. Since we stayed out from 0700 until 1900, we booked another night at the hotel when our day finally ended, bringing our total room charges up to 150.00 for the entire venture. I must warn readers, the hotel doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the rooms are neat and well kept to be beside the place we intended to visit, with breakfast included!

Believe it or not, I have actually been pondering going out to sea again. Back in the early 1980’s I tried it, but America was down sizing it’s shipping base, and outsourcing to the Taiwanese, among other foreign people. Times appear to be changing nowadays, for the better in some ways. Outsourcing of our national shipping base has now been viewed as a possible military breeching point. The concerted effort now is to build the US shipping base back up. The system really is needing people who will work to the point age isn’t even a real consideration until one is passed 65, from what I understand in the literature and general online information.

This is good for people like myself, bored and looking for a new thrill. Though my work days will be twelve hours, seven days a week, for six months and even more, since work begins at 0600 to 0800; this still leaves ample time for me to write in my private cabin before I crash. Not only would I make boot, I would also net quite a few more exotic travel experiences underneath my already swelling hat. When I exit from my first voyage, I could take the qualification examination to gain rank.

I must get my TWIX card, my MMC document, and take a Coast Guard physical. Then I have to find a company who will hire me. There are four additional certifications to be met, but usually the company will sponsor them. These documents are not low cost, in my book. The grand total for the first three items is 800.00 American. The four certifications are at least 500.00. Readers under 25 are best served to sign up with Seafarers International in Baltimore, Maryland. They will get you into the Paul Merchant Marine Academy. The general process is approximately 9 months, and free, as far as the school goes, if I understand the information right. There are numerous personal expenses one must be aware of, but I have no idea what they are.

Otherwise, people over 25 will be forced to gain rank on the job, starting from the bottom rather that at the officer’s level. The good news is that one may gain rank to chief officer in 6 months, if I understand rightly, so please don’t sue me if I am wrong in all of this. Get down and do the research for one’s self, and garnish one’s own conclusions. If this gig doesn’t pan out, then I will move on to the next one, as I have always done. There is no time for me to hang my head and weep over ventures dying on the limb. There are many different directions to go with this, so take a dive and have a swim!

We also motored on out to the beach for a few days after the Ark Experience. Summer just isn’t summer without at least laying eyes on the beach, I feel. Myrtle Beach is more than a five hour drive for us, but we fully intended to go there for five days or so. Everything was still closed in August because of C-19. We motored for another three hours up to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Rooming there was damned overpriced expensive. We motored on back into Wilmington to market street, staying in the econolodge for 100.00 a night, including taxes. The place wasn’t a dive rats nest, but I kept my pistol loaded on my night stand, and a lighting fast blade always by my side, just in case.

The general beach scene was relaxing, the people scattered, not many shows going on, but the rather rough and dangerous beach was wide open and waiting for me to dive in. I took the chance and it was well worth it! Later in the day we motored into Wilmington, NC, and walked out on the boardwalk until 2100 or so. There were many shops open, and a really interesting museum of verifiable possessed/ haunted antiques from the area over the course of time, for only a three dollar pass. We hung out there for four days, beating a hurricane on its way in as we were moving out. Our day drive back out to where we presently reside was very pleasant, since the highways are smooth and well built nowadays.

For quite some time I have visualized building my own publishing company. Since information is so scattered and filled with broad specifics that perform only to a modest extent in the real world, the general situation sets people such as myself into a trial and error mode. Slowly a plan is developing that seems to be working, after years of mucking around with it. Already my traditional publishing credits have sky rocketed in only the past year and a half. I am keeping notes on my efforts producing noticeable positive results. I can already tell sites listing my work, such as those on Amazon and Algora, my publisher, are gaining rank on the primary search engines.

One day I am considering publishing a how-to book on this subject, explaining in detail how I suddenly became published traditionally to the extent I have, which by itself is no lean feat in our present day and time. I am going to show how one can realistically build a platform. I may even have a very affordable how-to course one can download on some site good for such. This site will accompany the book. I presently have virtual hundreds of thousands who read my work on a daily basis. Many extremely gifted writers simply give up, but there is a highly valid technique to what seems like ridiculous disarray and utter madness. Be rested assured, unlike the competition, my down to earth, simple to comprehend techniques will virtually always work consistently, with bragging rights results.

I am still trying to land an agent, but this seems to be far more difficult than conquering the challenge of becoming traditionally published. When I reach best seller status, then I can update my material, including opening the doors to my publishing company on a large scale. I already have on a tiny scale, as can be validated here in this blog.

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