The School That Tells All

Have you ever wanted to know how a writer today can become published traditionally? Are you frustrated, not knowing where to submit, let alone how to build a publishing platform? What about landing an agent? Have you discovered how difficult accomplishing such a feat can be in today’s world of writing and publishing? How do we write query letters? What is a query letter for crying out loud here?

One of the most difficult feats in writing and publishing is to find specific facts, that bear consistent noticeable positive results. All of these struggles are about to end, starting with this single short course packed full with specific how to information any writer simply must have inside his or her body of instructional information. What sets this information apart from all others of this nature is the fact of the author moving upward in the publishing scene utilizing the same techniques he is simultaneously sharing with readers. How much more accurate and current could information ever be?

Look no farther than this page with the link soon to be displayed. There is a link where a class can be accessed, revealing all about where to find publishers wanting submissions, how to make them. Where to find agents. How to write query letters. On top of that, this course outlines a fool proof system for making submissions guaranteed to raise ones acceptance rates, if writers only follow these exact instructions. Get your course and print copy today!

Click on the link above and learn from a thirty five year veteran writer, traditionally published author, and owner of Rowdy Living Press. Learn from him as you follow along on this blog, sharing in his memorial occasions, living with him as he experiences the highs and lows of life. Drop a line, buy some different types of literature, and take a course along the way! Most of all, enjoy every day, and as always, happy writing!

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