I’ve had many recent publishing success stories. Maybe one of the best is in the area of how-to information. The latest high potential publication was titled, “The Ten Best Survival Jobs, how to find them, how to get them.” This work is based on a genuine lifestyle lived in the present by the author. Besides information in regard to survival jobs, much more is packed inside this 20K word document.

Read and discover why Americans even need to know about survival jobs. Discover where to live and find these jobs, as one discovers how to strengthen personal weaknesses in general, serving to reduce one’s opportunity for employment. Americans are winners, and having access to such information allows us to remain confident through any potential era of adversity, be it on a national or personal basis.

My other worthwhile publishing success story was with DLG Publishing. Click on this link. This story was a short story published by this traditional company. While there have been others, this one might stand out the loudest. Readers who are moved to do so, may donate to the Starving Author’s Fund via PayPal, using the address, . Give a shout and let us know how you feel in comments below! When the how-to book comes out, the link will be published on this blog site.

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