My Latest Publishing Successes! At this link one may discover at least ten of my latest poems. These poems range in a variety of subjects, from love lost, to escapism, to outright fantasy. Be sure to click like and share these links. Feel free to leave your own comments in regard to my poetry. If my work is of an interest to any person out there who has dreams of building an anthology and publishing it, then please let me know. I am interested!

My next round of current successes involve the publication of short stories. Feel free to evaluate and read my latest publications. My dream is to publish a collection of unique short stories, and hopefully establish my own variety of literary genre’ known as Rowdy Living Literature. I am also in the process of building my own press and calling it Rowdy Living Press. Believe it or not, these stories have a grain of truth in their outrageous re-collective accounts. Individuality is quickly fading away from the American scene, so people who live life on their own terms may be a dying breed soon. My literature and writing is a salute of honor to this diminishing adventurous breed.

One short story complete with a promise to publish another in September, 2019, has been published here;

This short story is a tale of the underdog rising into the position of chief. The setting involves a scene during the early middle ages. A man has been insulted and is challenged to a duel down by the fork on Catsle Creek. The entire kingdom has met to witness this fight to the death. As the story unfolds, the reader learns that the challenger is the king, himself, of the entire province. The person being challenged is a commoner, more than likely of very low economic status. His mentor is a clairvoyant prophet who has lived a hermit’s life deep down in Ziegal forest. Through this prophet the insulted young duelist is trained for combat. In the end he fights, wins, and is crowned king of the province. At the end of the tale the reader learns that the king has attempted to insult the wife of this commoner, who stood in his way, and this was the reason for the king striking him with the glove and posing a challenge to duel. The story concludes with the land being purged of its corrupt inhabitants, and righteousness being once again restored.

This magazine has agreed to publish the story “The Magnificent Three; a tale of free enterprise” in September In addition, two other stories are also set to appear.

This particular magazine has agreed to publish four different short stories in both an online and print version. This publication is to include four additional sister online and print publications, as well as being published in three hardback anthologies. Without a doubt, this particular publication may wind up being my greatest short story publishing success.

All of this success has arrived in just the past six months. It came about from having access to the right listing information. Once I get a full plan rolling for publication, and my own publishing company up and running, I am contemplating publishing a how-to book detailing the glorious specifics.

Part of the program involved me getting a readership established, and I have done so with over thirty thousand souls directly examining my work at any given time. This readership became possible through this site; The site is updated on a regular basis, as is most of my blog sites.

I also give away books for readers to enjoy. I like writing about scenarios that lie far outside the confines of what other writers detail. I also do not mind a certain amount of controversy. I am not politically correct in my personal life, nor in my life as an author. Politically correctives imply propaganda through thoughts control, and authors who live by that law generally produce boring material. I eulogize daring authors and individuals who live by the law of their own convictions, rather than any imposed by the society at large.

Here is a collection of children’s tales. These are stories often born from local tradition, as in the case of Sweet Mama Jean. Others are tales and poems from the imagination, many published in a variety of literary journals over the years. These stories also have educational value in many instances.

Another outstanding example of children’s stories worth reading can be found at this link; Mother Maria is a wonderful lady who loves children. More than any child can imagine, she wishes to spin tales that will remain with them throughout the night, and beyond. These tales also have educational value in that often basic numbers, alphabet, colors, and the ability to perform very basic arithmetic is taught as the children are entertained.

Here are a few tales of childhood that will certainly liven things up a bit. Click on this link to discover why; These tales are very unusual in that they are children’s tales, as those for mid teens, that dare to walk the chalked line into the forbidden…..that void between acceptable and non acceptable!

If you enjoy exotic battle epics, then click on this link to find your new calling; What you see before you is a true one of a kind American battle epic! Learn why God became angry with man. Learn who the son of Odin was! Learn who the great”Author” was how he defeated the evil Teutonic Knights and the Kingdom of the Dragon! Learn what his secret weapon was and join in the great victory celebration! Look into the future and see what awaits the mortals of earth! Get your copy today while you can! Here is an alternative link to secure your book, but with a less attractive cover;

If you have ever desired to know the truth regarding mankind’s origins, then click on this link; Follow the line in the story to find out from where it was that life on planet really originated. Discover the secular reason with proof found in the historical details instructing us as to why it is that we should adamantly reject the entire theory of evolution and Darwin’s Origin Of The Species. Find out the reason it is that we are all being lied to, and why it is that the world’s most prestigious universities and scientist promote a theory that has virtually nothing in the way of hard proof.

The book is divided up into ten books. The first book describes the moment of inspiration to the author. Each book then describes a preceding moment, leading to the conclusion in regard to the origin of life. The ninth book describes the fall of mankind and life on earth in general. The tenth book describes the coming great redemption, when it shall occur, from where, specifically what, and why it will occur.

A work of unique fiction, investigate this clip..”Back in the days of nether glade, there were beasts of the air and tawny bears that may howl at the paled golden moon by the time of sunny midday noon. Along a tangled wooded creek side by the blustery dale, sat a quaint but squalid shack amid a Bastille like, square baled stack of browning souring hay. In the midst of the dusty hay stack, sat an aging grizzled elf, who gazed forward into a cracked black based mirror, gloating only upon himself, blankly staring deeply into his wrinkled moss hued, shattered toothed face…; taking a deep breath only to open his mouth, to sigh up at the smiling sun, high up in the moonlit sky…”

“Oh …how I do truly regret my many selfish sins, if only I could just live to begin once more again….Everything would most surly be different then,” he would scream into the stirring midday wind…, until his voice would bend and grow silent for the day! Even though he would try with all of his might, his voice just had nothing at all more to say. It was almost as if the force of all nature would only lash out to punish him with wrenching silence once more, only to thrust his wretched body back into this dreadful life of destitution with much more to despise in this present moment, and even less to adore.”

The Life Of Nevermore…..

This collection of unique stories and poems was very interesting and most fun to write. This work represents some of the very best in twenty five years of labor in writing. In some instances, true facts that went back for many years had to dug out of the memory bank and reconditioned for their place in the printed page. In other cases, the labor was simply a work of pure imagination. At any rate, it is the intention of the author for all that dares to read this work to enjoy it for just what it is, a very imaginative, unusual, story line and plot. I truly hope that you will enjoy the read! If any part of this work should offend anyone, well just keep in mind that a really good story imitates the flow of reality in the real world to some large degree. Any story that does not imitate that flow of the real world, is destined to be dismissed by the reader as improbable, and rendered into the waste bin of rejected literature. Keep in mind as well, that in many instances the real world has much about it that is definitely not politically correct!

Our Cherubic Endowment: To the liberated imagination of the earth

This work is a collection of action packed, highly imaginative adventure short stories, and at least one novelette. The information for these stories have been garnished from the travels and life in a number of small towns and cities throughout America and other areas of the earth. In many cases these adventures were very thrilling to experience, but some, at the same time, very heart wrenching to experience in real life. Come follow the main characters as they live life on their own terms, feel the thrills and the tears as they do, seeing what they are destined to see. See how they have determined to live life on their own terms, then make your own determination to live out your own artistic destiny!

The author is an international teacher, but has many varied interest, including writing. He enjoys all forms of outdoor activity, some of which include: horse back riding, walking by the seashore, para-sailing, camping, hiking and big-game hunting. Most of all, he enjoys meeting and speaking with all of you, his favorite fans! Without all of you, all writing would just be words scribbled and long lost in faded dreams.

Here are twelve short stories in the adventure and horror genre’ . These stories have been re-written and submitted to a variety of literary journals. Get all twelve in collection today.

Here is an assorted collection of poems created involving various subject matters. There is also a Spanish version in Kindle.

Enter in between these two covers and experience the thrill of newfound wealth with the Johansen family. Travel with them as they move into the new town of Nottoway to make a new life for themselves, surrounded by those of the social elite, among whom they have now earned the right to stand among. Walk with the protagonist, TJ, as he meets new friends at the local academy. Know what it is like to stand among those who live in search of a new metaphysical experience, as TJ does. When TJ decides to break off on his own, find out why doing so was such a terrible mistake. Walk with him as he delves deeply into the metaphysical..for an experience that was far wilder than he had ever anticipated. As he finds his way through the heavenly maze, he enters into new realms of existence, where what he has been shown to be bad, was really good and what he had been told to be true for all of his life, was really a twisted tall tale. End up with him to share in his astonishment when he winds up right where he started on his long fantastic journey!

This work is intended to stand unto itself as more a living, breathing, portrait of art painted with carefully chosen words, than just a really interesting story told. The intent here is for the reader to view the landscape through the eyes of the main character, to feel what he does as he ambles along in this adventure. When the main character feels the pain and pleasures of the old dirt road, then all will only be right if the reader feels these same identical experiences. As the phantom of the old dirt lashes out in retribution of the sins in the main character’s past, then the hope here likewise is that the reader will feel the need for adjustment in the course of his own life, as he too travels the old dirt road through the world of the secular experience. Upon reaching this point in the story, the reader should experience the thrills of an exciting climax as the main character reaches the point of his destination, as well as end the experience with a new positive in-site into the plan for improvement into both his own secular and spiritual life.

Come ride out with a real adventurer to work at an archaeological field school on a far away, enchanted Aegean island. Stand by him on furlough while he takes a shot-in-the dark chance and finds the love of his life in the daughter of a local wealthy business baron, Thea. Hold his hand when tragedy strikes due to the action of an evil extortionist surgeon. Taste the thrill of revenge, only to fly away with him as he escapes the clutches of a corrupted system hot in pursuit! This story is also available in Kindle in two differing avenues.

Be sure to investigate this video

Here is a book of poetry for you

CC&D Magazine anthology, H.L. Dowless story contribution

CC&D anthology, H.L. Dowless story contribution

CC&D anthology, H.L. Dowless story contribution

CC&D anthology, H.L. Dowless story contribution

CC&D Magazine published stories, click on writers, scroll down to H.L. Dowless in alphabetical order.

H.L. Dowless children’s poems and stories

H.L. Dowless, a horrifying bizarre short story!

Story Poem modern day battle epic, H.L. Dowless, or the book can be purchased here

Epic poetic saga in regard to the coming salvation of mankind by the original ante-mutant genetic superlative from beyond.

A one of a kind instructional book of ESL exercises, also utilized in home and Special Education settings

A latest H.L. Dowless publication

Several novella have been published on this site

The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion

Once Upon A Time In Nottoway

Thea Stellanofotos

I have several more links with instructional how-to material for writers seeking to be published

Here is how-to material for people instructing ESL or young children’s educational classes

If any blog readers love traveling for extended periods of time, the outdoors, hiking, camping, and backpacking, then this how-to book is designed especially for you!

As of late I have been getting heavily into writing survival literature, since I have more than forty years experience, from a variety of perspectives in the subject. My latest publishing success was for the book; The Ten Best Survival Jobs. Inside this book you will discover 10+ of the best survival jobs there are and how you can get them. Never face unemployment again, because this book will tell you how and where to find the jobs no-one else is thinking of! My author name here is L Horne, short for Horne The Hunter.

My next publishing success was with an online and print journal titled Adelaide Literary Magazine. For you reading pleasure I will upload a flip version of the magazine. Click on author, H.L. Dowless, and the story, It Happened On Harper Bridge Road. Here is a link to a printed version that may be purchased as well.

Here are some pieces of poetry that are my latest poetry publishing successes. Buy an anthology book and search for the works of H.L. Dowless!

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