The Periodic Pen

Welcome To the latest in literary expose’. We are a new and emerging literary/informational journal. We are seeking to provide how-to information of all types that is useful for both readers, writers, an lay people of all stripes. Some of this information may be found directly on the journal page, other information might be found on our coming classified page. Feel free to submit articles to this page along those lines, if you seek publication

The literary writing that we publish is intended to hail the individualist. Individualism is a dying philosophy in the western world. We often read where the enlightenment scorned the collectivism and elitism found under realms of monarchy, in favor of the individual person. So what has happened to us in the 21st century? Any person who has a poem or story along those lines, feel free to submit it here. The future plan is to actually have a printed news letter or booklet.

Our preference is for how-to information that specifies an unusual skill or service that would be of true benefit to readers.

Our literature preference is for poems and stories that gear toward excellence found in the individual. Stories that hail nonconformist living and adventures, are our forte’, since virtually no other publisher is capitalizing on the concept. In other words, we believe in pulling one’s self up by his own bootstraps, rather than sitting around wanting a guaranteed income check, if readers get the drift here. We believe in men marrying women, and women having children, since this is the plan that has worked best in at least the past 12000 years of mankind’s history.

In our belief system, America really was great back in the days of entry level jobs, on the job training, apprenticeship schools, strong unions, and the freedom to use one’s own resources to his or her own advantage.. Any submission made found to the contrary shall be dully hanged, drawn, and quartered, if not stood before the firing squad and shot dead at sunrise!

All interested authors of articles, stories, and poems, should indicate by dropping a line in the comment section on this page. A submission link shall be provided soon, so stay tuned for much more right here!

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