My Personal Convictions

I believe in standing strong to hold my own ground, and fighting in my own defense even when I know that defeat is inevitable, depending on the motivation. I have no problem with the idea of bowing down in flames, if the situation is even worth my own sacrifice. It is true that on many occasions one can actually gain more than found in winning a contest by tactfully capitulating, than resisting, so situations of such nature demand a clear analysis.

Examples of my personal disregard for the law of political corrective (a dysphemistic label of negative categorization to all forms of information running contrary to covert political agenda) ideologies is my own personal belief in an ancient Golden Age of mankind, when the species of humanity present at the time existed in an ante-mutated state of being. According to the ancients prior to Sumeria, all the way down to classical Greece, this ante-mutated species shall return to planet earth, in an age of total genetic degeneration and world wide destructive chaos.

This ideology and belief system contrasts sharply with any embrace of Darwinism or his theories, which I personally hold into disregard for being the religion of Communism, especially the American version of this parasitic economic philosophy. Such dogmas are advantageous only to the elites in control, and could easily comprise the heavy socialist element found in Fascism.

We must all keep in mind as well, that America has NO HISTORY of government compelling corporations to accommodate the citizen base, on any level. On the contrary, American government has a history of supporting the corporations against the population base. America had no history of corporate accommodation to the population base prior to the Great American Worker’s Revolt of 1880-1935/1940.

During this revolt the AMERICAN PEOPLE came together and demanded that a check be put into place against the abusive, enslaving efforts of corporations, and even a cooperating government to a lesser extent. In effect, a second civil war occurred on American soil, where it climaxed in the Miner’s War of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Maybe the climatic battle in this great war for economic justice is to be found in the Battle Of Blair Mountain in West Virginia, 1921. There again, no history class anywhere that is known in America ever speaks of this astounding dynamic event, or the Great American Worker’s Revolt.

Yes, you have read it right here in this blog, Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, was actually the person who devised the central theories of evolution. Minute sheets confirm that he gave lectures on the subject inside the London Mason’s lodge where he was an acting member. Supposedly the Masons had long embraced his grandfather’s theories.

Charles Darwin, a poor student and somewhat of a deadbeat in general, simply took his grandfather’s notes much later on, and organised them into what we know as the work, “Origin Of The Species.” He attempted to validate this conviction through a series of so called “scientific “observations that he made.

Darwin’s father, Robert Darwin, was a doctor, and the Darwin family was of upper middle class origin, frequently interacting with those among social and economic elites of his day. There are records of his family hosting lavish dinner parties with invitations given to members from this advantaged class of citizenry. Some of these friends and family members include;

Keep in mind here that these persons also had their own circles of friends who more than likely accompanied them at these dinner parties hosted by Robert Darwin. Note also that one of these associations include the first cousin of Charles Darwin, Emma Darwin, who would eventually become Charles Darwin’s wife. How is that for spreading genetic mutations throughout the bloodline, then holding the consequences into flagrant disregard?

There may be no doubt that this hearth side and dinner table conversation included the subject of his grandfather’s ideology, and was possibly soaked in heavy criticism of church ideology, and the marriage of church with the political system of the time.

His father, Robert Darwin, was a member of the British Freethinker’s Society. This organisation felt that any sort of religious conviction was a negative, and a threat to the security of the nation at large. In other words, this society was atheist in its conviction. There may be no doubt that this element of atheism as it soaked these hearth side conversations of the time period, influenced Darwin’s later personal and professional convictions.

Later on as Darwin composed “The Origin Of The Species,” he also conducted his so called scientific research, and continued giving lectures in the Mason’s lodge of his grandfather in London. According to minute sheets available from the time, these lectures were avidly attended by Engels, Karl Marx’s personal assistant. It is also well known that Engels interacted avidly with Darwin in regard to this status before the “Communist Manifesto” was composed.

The Communist Manifesto was published in London, England, where Marx lived at the time, less than 12 miles from Darwin. Strangely enough, no class of history or science anywhere in the western world, even makes mention of these facts revealing this vile relationship and much more to explain why this lie with so little in the way of verifiable support, is so ardently pushed on the citizen masses in our own time. There is a reason, however, and we will cover that at a later time.

The two frequently wrote letters to one another, praising each other for the successes found with their newly published volumes. The second edition of “The Communist Manifesto,” “Das Capitol,” literally has an entire section devoted to Darwin as a professional, and praise of his theories as giving “natural justification” for his economic plan.

His description, in the opinion of this author, bears his praise of Darwin’s theory more in religious terms, in an attempt at cloaking this praise in scientific theory. While there are no known minute sheets available to researchers, confirming an actual meeting between Darwin and Marx, it is the conviction of this author that such meetings did frequently occur, and minute sheets do exist that are being intentionally held behind lock and key, more than likely in a Mason lodge somewhere.

Here lies my own justification for disregarding the ideologies of Darwin and those that proselytize them, no matter what credentials they hold. This account is only one of my own examples of how I am a maverick to the political and ideological convictions being pushed by the establishment (more than likely interconnected with the UN in some way) in our own time.

My personal conviction based on my own study of US and world history for more than half my own lifetime, is that we will all see more of a gradual, yet increasing trend, for marrying US political agenda with that of global governmental organization, be it what it may. In short, if this organization controls the wealth, then the American people’s own government will move against them, should they refuse to submit. It will then be the massive, yet delightfully enlightening, task of the citizen base to thrown off any self-serving control of these elites, then replace them with those who are supportive to the US Constitution and liberty of the individual person/citizen. Investigate the Preamble/the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution for verification on this conviction.

Regardless of what Americans have been commanded to believe, the US founding fathers never intended for the American people to lay down and endure abuse of the Constitution and the individual rights that it preserved. Such convictions do not even sound logical when investigated in conjunction with the historical events of America and its original government. To learn how America arrived at this present point in its history, investigate this book;

To discover much more as the facts percolate down into our own time, read this volume; This work comes complete with an overlooked account of American history, from the Lincoln administration all the way down into the era of Obama in 2016. Based on the suggestions born by white – washed facts that have gone down in the past, there is also a prognosis for the future of America. Can you handle the real truth being withheld from you by a state owned “educational,”/indoctrinating system ? Ignorance and mass corruption is being promoted by the present day “educational” system, and very little in the way of personal enlightenment .

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