Well, I’m out again by the pool at 0914, out again where the parakeets scream. I’m outside again where the day is clear, with my dolly sitting beside me so near.

Well Fie fo fum I see the morning sun, yeah today might still yet be lots of fun. Sounds of traffic in the distance I hear, but behind stone walls and barbed wire we have nothing to fear.

A breakfast of large sardines, rice, and black beans can make one’s soul turn our very clean. The smell, however, will make a preacher’s wife scream. The heat of the day can make a grown man shed a tear. Washed down in sweat even a saint will sling his head, buck, and rear.

Everybody all over are wanting money, so we both must run. What amazes me most is that the day has only begun. We must hit the road, and carry our load, before the pickle truck comes and the whistle blows.

So run over here Sally, shoo fly shoo, there are cabs to catch and so much still yet to do. In praise of the day I sing my song. I must make my mark cause I won’t be here long.

Outside in the distance I hear monkey sounds and cooing doves, better cook your meat well and use rubber gloves. There are head hunters in the woods and poisoned arrows in the air. Buried treasure in the ground, and I will meet you out there .https://www.pinterest.com/hldowless/just-a-few-of-my-favorite-things/

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