Friday, 7/22/2022

This morning at 1000 hours I was ambling down the Mallicon in Guayaquil feeling the cool breeze on my face, shaded from the sun by my plainsman’s wide brimmed hat, admiring the tropical flowers, birds, and trees all around me and the fantastic display of heroic statues from the Golden Age of mankind, while thinking to myself in silence; man, life sure is good! People in today’s USA especially, don’t know the smorgasbord of fine choices found throughout the world. The very last thing anybody must do there, especially talented, highly creative members of the Anglo-Saxon brood who are resource laden and increasingly persecuted, is to wallow inside the vast swampy abyss of crass lies flooding the nation from a ultra-self serving anti-American leadership, and feed on the dung these pigs cast into the streets as they continue selling the nation and the people’s resources out to the deadheads among the population and the invading foreigners.

Today we ventured out to visit the director of tourism. To get there we took the bus for 70 cents, rather than the taxi for seven dollars. The bus took maybe forty minutes to make it into the down town area of the city. Finally we made it to an area where we could walk to the City Hall. We made our way up three flights of stairs and took a hard left, and there her office was. We had to wait an hour maybe, but the busy lady finally found her way in to speak with us. The status of the lady ranks right up there with the president of Ecuador. After we chatted shortly she invited us both a huge festivity tomorrow called The Parade of Hamburgers. Some important officials are going to be attending this meeting inside the official meeting hall of the Mallecon. This meeting is ULTRA EXCLUSIVE to say the least. We WILL certainly make solid contacts. The wife and myself already have more than a few who are interested in our books, which we intend to present to them. Only thinking of the potential really excites me!

When we finished with our important meeting we spent the remainder of the day ambling along the Mallecon. We ate a plate of goat stomach cooked in salsa, served over beans and rice with fried yucca. We ambled down to the opposite end of the riverside walkway, finding our way to a chairlift. The chairlift carried us over several blocks deep in the city, past the Indian Market, over the river to a town called Durrano. At several places including Durrano, we could have got off and toured new areas of the city. It was a fun hour and a half riding the chairlift, taking really cool pictures.

When we finally made it back to Samburodon I walked to the house and picked up my computer, put on my bathing suit, picked up my wife’s bathing suit, then headed out to the pool where I am now. When I finish I intend on taking a dip and playing some in the water. Boy, today sure has been an active, full day to say the least. Who knows what excitement tomorrow will bring!


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