Wednesday 7/19/2022

I declare time is clipping past so quickly I can barely keep up with it. Nothing extraordinary occurred. I hung out here at our living facility all day. There are plenty of places to walk around and look at. I have to watch my money if I want it to last. I bought dinner out for myself and wife, a big no-no when one wants to watch his money. Our plates were only 2.50 USD, but they were small. My wife ordered an additional one, and we had water to drink with it. The grand total was 7.50, not that bad for two, but not that good for one wanting to watch his savings and stretch it out at least two months. So we shall eat in today, being rice, beans, and boloney.

My wife tells me she came here away from her “children” to save one thousand a month out of her two thousand she gets back in two retirement checks. She is wanting a car or something, I think, by years end. Problem is, I feel like she’s shoving as much expense as possible on me, a man with only a meager savings, and no retirement income, or income of any kind. I’ve ran into problems such as these with her before, and I don’t know what to make of it. Its like she gets a kick out of me being destitute, then pushing me to the side and telling me to find my way when I have no resources. I don’t understand it, but I know how to head it off by simply not allowing it to happen and keeping my mouth closed.

Anyway, everything is moving along at a steady daily clip. Its nice just lounging around. I enjoy spending time thinking about my published works, my writing, things I am writing and others I intend to write. When the day ended yesterday as the sun fell behind the trees we swam in this extremely well kept pool. The man is vacuuming it out right now. The administrator said that by this evening he would have the jacuzzi heated and good for the wife and myself. Sometimes the sun heats the water, but not enough to forego manual heating.

It appears we may be about to ride out and visit several schools in the surrounding area. I have an interview for the position of Language Director at a school called Espirito Santo. Its a large decent school, but a ten dollar one way taxi ride out, and the school doesn’t pay that well. There is a Christian School down the road almost in walking distance. We will probably amble on out to visit these places today. Stay tuned for more.

Here is a few of my favorite publishing successes over the past two years;

CC & D Magazine (3) stories 2020

Leaves Of Ink (10) poems

The Fear Of Monkeys (2) stories

The Scarlet Leaf Publishing Company (3) stories (4) novellas

Algora Publishing (2) books

Adelaide Literary Magazine (2) stories 2020

Active (4) stories

Juste Milieu Lit & Art Zine



DLG Publishing Partners

Story Berries

dark dossier magazine

Aphelion Webzine 1 story and a novella (Fairy Nymph And The Ring Of Death)

Adelaide magazine

ariel chart

Trouvaille Review

DANSE MACABRE An Online Literary Magazine (1) story (5) poems

Poison Owl (Legend of the man who wrote)

Literary Yard- 1 poem and one story, (king of Cat)

Brown Bagging Online – two poems

Atmosphere Press – novel, They Called Him Ringo Arenas

Paper Dragon – Magic Flower On Fireside Mountain

Short Story UNC- poem, “Come Fly Away With Me,”

Green Egg Magazine (The Girl In The Crooked Woods)

Transcendent Zero Press, Literary Journal, 2 poems.

The Literary Yard, “The Magic Wishing Well,”

Survival Fitness Plan SERE Training – backpacking book.

Dustin Pickering, “Harbinger Asylum” (anthology) two poems

Pen it Publishing- “Southbound To Angel Island.”

Literary Yard (Hey you, its been a long while) poem

Input/output enterprises/their anthology, “And The Dead Shall Sleep No More,” Oh Madeline

Apocalypse confidential, poetry journal, published two of my poems.

Anti-matter dreams, poem

Anac Sastra, poem

Back Channel Journal, seven poems.

Reverend Crown Publications- 2 novels, Das Konto, Ludlow’s Daughter

Backyard Earth Project – The Magic Cesspool

I had my interview at Esperito Santo today. This thing lasted 3 hours. The director turned on the music and began dancing with me, eh? She gave me all kinds of information about staying safe in the city, such as not taking yellow cabs. Call an agency and get a cab, lest one risks being kidnapped. Anyway, she turned my information in to the chief director for his final approval. I asked for 1500.00 monthly. I should be getting an e-mail soon, telling me yes or no. This director said they were desperate for native English-speaking teachers, offering free room and health insurance. Food can be had on the cheap there, so she didn’t include that. Well, anyway, its all on from there, I suppose. I sure tired, I know that.

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