Tuesday, 7/19/2022

Not that bad a day thus far at 0922. I arose around 0630. I prepared my bowl of oats. I made coffee, all is well. I am sitting around the pool, logging in the information from the day before. All of my readers know these daily posts are placed into the site backwards, right? My last is the first one a persons reads. This is really messed up, isn’t it? The internet sucks here everywhere in this place.

Well, yesterday I had more dentist work to do. I rode the taxy back out for maybe ten miles. The dentist filled three more teeth for me. Areas of my mouth needed building up from being worn down. She did, and my jaws wouldn’t close. She had me bite down on some plastic, then she would grind a bit here and there, and finally my teeth sat squarely on top of one another. In the end I am better off for sure. She wants to pull three and give me a partial plate, but I am only going to allow her to pull one later on, and she can keep her partial plate. I’ll pull the other two when they wear down to a point that I have no more teeth to use.

After I finished with the dentist, we rode the taxi over to my wife’s adopted sister’s home. Here we socialized, ate some good food like bollo and enseviado, then I slept for a while on the hammock. We lounged around a bit until 2000 hours, then rode the taxi back to our place. I’m sitting here now writing in this blog until the internet connects with my information in Gmail.

Yes today has begun as a decent day. Its only 0957. I was just e-mailed about interviewing for a director of languages position at a school no too awful far from here. I taught there for one summer maybe nine years ago. I told the lady we would ride out there maybe around 1400 tomorrow. We’ll definitely be remaining here for the long term when I work this employment situation out right. I would love to have a masters degree before returning back to the states. I could land a job in a community college then in states such as Texas, maybe Florida, Iowa, Kansas, TN, Missouri, and others. Coddling minority oriented political agenda may lock me out of states like SC, NC, Va, and others, but that is alright, since so many other choices for success exists, and I am tired to spending my time in those states anyway. I’ve seen it all there, and done it all, for sure. They can stick it!

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