Another step in time

Yesterday, 7/16/2022, was a decent day. We both awoke around 0630 as usual. We ate a bowl of oats and drank coffee out in our underwear on the porch. At 0900 our neighbor, Juan, from California arrived. The wife and myself rode to a Baptist church ten miles or so outside of town with Juan and his wife. Juan and his wife appear to be decent people. They are around 75 years old, I guess. Juan is retired from the US military and Boeing Aircraft company. The church was interesting, making comparisons between Babylon and our present age. The preacher also informed the congregation of details unknown by man, declaring that so much was in fact, unknown. The sermon was in Spanish, and I understood only half, I suppose, but enough that I could fill in the blanks for myself. We made it back home around 1230.

We had walked in for maybe thirty minutes and the wife’s friend, Monica, pulled up with her new husband. They invited us over to their house over in Guayaquil. There we motored out and picked up barbeque chicken and pilsner beer, sitting around in Monica’s place eating and socializing until maybe 1800 hours. Monica has a nice place she has slowly built up. She bought land out in the middle of nowhere. She built a treehouse, now a living room area, and is working on more structures inside her specific area. She appears to be contemplating making those into rental areas.

When Monica took us back home around 1800, Juan called the wife up, inviting us inside for empanadas and tea. The wife and I socialized with him and his wife there at his home until 2230. We had loads of informative, interesting information handed to us. Juan told me about all of the adjustments he had to make to his house so that it wouldn’t leak during the rainy season. He plugged numerous holes made into the home for unexplainable reasons and installed his own gutter system to handle the runoff. He was telling me how the handymen one often hires cannot be trusted to complete the work. I told him that in America the same is often true. Supposedly skilled craftsmen often don’t know what they are doing. One winds up doing all of the work themselves in far too many situations. All went well last night, and we made it home we retired for the evening in bed.

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