My Latest Gig And The Life It Brings!

Hello my fine audience! I just thought that I would update everyone since my last entry. We made it back from the airport to my present hometown, not far from Atlanta, Ga. While I didn’t land a teaching gig in Spain, before we made it back home, I had an e-mail from an application I filed with some six months ago prior. The Civilian Conservation Corp wanted to interview me for a teaching position they had!

I returned e-mail stating that I was interested. My interview took place three days later. I had to go through tons of paperwork, give them my transcripts, etc, but all was completed in a timely manner. Four days later I was on my first day at work.

The job hasn’t been bad. I am instructing students for the academic part of a trade school system. These students are to test, then graduate into a higher level of the system. So far all has been well.

The wife and I have settled back down into our apartment and lifestyle. As usual, I am writing as frequently as possible. I have had more success with getting my poems, short-stories, and articles published this year than I have in a long time. Its all about knowing when, where, and how to submit. So anyway, its on now like Donkey Kong! Stay tuned for more writing details. Until next time…

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