Traveling Spain And Greece On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Much has been going on this past week. We arose at 1100 hrs and left our hostel room in Malaga, Spain. We walked across the road to the bus station. At 1500 we hopped our bus back to Madrid. It was a seven hour ride and cost us 79 euros per ticket. This bus trip also served as our hotel room for the evening, since both the wife and I slept most of the way there.

When we made it back to Madrid, we hopped the metro line to Calle de 301 New Town, where our former host had our large bags. We left those bags with him prior to our trip to Greece, since the airline (Iberia) charged 100 euros per bag. Keep in mind that the last Metro train runs at 2400 hrs. By 2100 hrs we were at his apartment. We picked up our bags, paused for a few moments to say our good byes, then exited by 2130. We hopped the Metro line for the airport.

When we made it back to the airport, we checked our bags in. Getting checked in consumed an hour and one half. Our flight out to Amsterdam was at 0600. This gave us a bit of free time. We both wanted to sleep more, but couldn’t, since Spain’s airports have few seats, and all of them were filled. We sat down on the floor and made do the best that we could, as a result. I couldn’t sleep, so I played on my computer charged up the two nights earlier.

Finally 0500 arrived and we were boarding up. The plane took off on schedule at 0600, landing in Amsterdam at 0830. The airport at Amsterdam was rather large, and we only had an hour and a half to make it to our port. The airport there was easier to comprehend than the one in Madrid, with its directions and signs defying all common logic. By the time we found our gate, our plane was already boarding up. By 1000 hrs we were taking off again, heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The flight was ten hours long. We drank all the complimentary wine, beer, and whiskey that we could. We also slept a good bit of the way, waking up only for food. We landed in Minnesota at 2000 hrs. Here we had to run again, since the airport was rather large and our plane was leaving out soon back to our home area of Atlanta. The flight took only two hours.

Upon landing we were met by our children. Our eldest daughter carried us back to her place, where we spent the night. The next day the youngest daughter drove us out on the three hour drive back to our hometown, and our personal apartment. Even though we had slept well, we both still felt very fatigued. We offloaded our bags and materials, carried it all to the apartment, changed our clothes, then crashed for a few more hours of slumber.

Thus ends the log of my latest adventure offshore. I tried to find work in Spain, but needed another month to succeed. My funds exhausted, so that was out of the question. I would recommend AirBnB, just be careful to analyse the advertising claim, since the information could be slightly stretched. If something doesn’t sound quite right, then it probably isn’t. Check distances stated in the ad on the computer/google map, question references, etc.

I would never recommend ASAP tickets, however. Honestly, we never knew for certain what we were going to be handed. We were lucky in that our experience wasn’t a real catastrophe, and only a slight hair raiser with a bit of steam around the collar. The situation where our room wasn’t covered when we first landed in Madrid was the worst experience, although there were numerous times where we felt uneasy about our situation through them. In the end I had traveled to Spain, lived well for more than two months, toured several cities, and had memorable experiences that I will never forget. I managed to accomplish all of this for less two thousand dollars, including the air fares, bus fares, etc. My wife’s fares were another story, since the MA program itself cost 6K$ American, but it included several travel destinations and on certain occasions, really splendid food and accommodation. The experience was very well worth our money and effort spent.

So here I am back at my present home town. I interviewed at a local community college for work as a continuing Ed instructor. I don’t know if I will land it, but should know very soon. I have also written and submitted several stories and poems. One of my poems , “Wherefore Art Thou, My Love,” was submitted and accepted for publication by “Leaves Of Ink” literary journal today. For more real life wild eyed adventure stories, stay tuned right here at this link! Until next time….

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