Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Today is our last full day in Malaga, or Spain in general. We decided to spend it at the beach. We intended to arise and make our way there before 0900, but we didn’t actually make it out until around 0930. By the time we made it, all of the chairs with umbrellas had been rented out. Securing one is possible for only 7 euros and the rent can last all day long into the night.

Live At The Beach!

We strolled along quietly and took our breakfast at an outdoor cafe’ called Coshilattes. Behind this restaurant is a large palm that casts a nice shadow. A wares peddler was attempting to sell blankets, more than likely from Morocco. He wanted 16 euros, but my wife talked him down to 8, and purchased a fine specimen of her own choice. On this blanket beneath the palm, with a backpack used for a pillow, we both lay in the shade, taking turns watching our bags and swimming.

Live On A Beach!

We remained in this spot, basically, moving only to get a bite of food. Later in the evening we purchased a local dish of rice, beans, shellfish, shrimp, and fish. We only paid 8 euros and were told that it was for two, but when we got the food, we were convinced that it was really only a dish for one. In the end we were both satisfied, however.

Our hostel is located directly across from the large train station with a mall inside. There are advantages and disadvantages in that. The greatest benefit is that being so located makes it simple for us to find our room later on. The con in the picture is that walking to the beach takes around 45 minutes to an hour. I don’t mind it, but the wife really struggles due to age related issues. We exited the beach around 2100 hrs and made it back to our room around 2200 hrs.

Take The Long Way Home

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