Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

We both arose from the Burger King and began walking around checking out our surroundings. Malaga is nice and very antique. The city is 2800 years old, and one of the longest continually inhabited places on earth. The Phonetician, a tribe of Canaanites just as the Hebrew were, began the city. It was a place of import/export commerce, since the Phoneticians build an empire on trade and business negotiation.

The Malaga exalt their history, not discard it simply because it might not fit into some sort of present day political agenda being forced upon its citizens. That is what I mean when I say that a place has soul. I found Naples, Italy, to be in the same category, as is Charleston, SC, and S.T. Augustine, Florida, back in the US. Atlanta is an entirely different story, however, but enough on that. I think that readers get the picture by now.

The City From Its Bastille Wall

We found a hostel for 70 euros a night, where we book up for the next two days. Here we place our suitcases and bags, only to hit the town walking around. We both had slept on the all night bus ride and felt fit as a fiddle, being completely rested. We hopped a city bus and rode all over the town, getting off at a few places here and there along the beach. Throughout Spain the city buses only cost 1.5 euros. Along the way we also purchase a hop on and off bus ticket for thirty euros a ticket. This ticket includes a free pass to eight different museums, a boat ride around the harbor, and a Flaminco show. We hopped the bus and spent the remainder of the day partying and strolling around in the city. The Flaminco show was excellent. We made it back to the hostel at 2130 that evening, and were exhausted by then.

The Last Fandago

The wife is talking about going to Morrocco, but the travel agency was closed by the time we made it. The deal seemed really good, with a bus tour, three meals included, and a return trip. We will see how everything turns out today.

We completed out bus tour, then hit the beach, where we walked around in the sun and sand all day long. From the knees down and on my arms half way up between my elbows and shoulders, not to mention my face and neck, I really have a good tan. We ate lamb, rice, salad, and french fries for only 7 euros at one of the beach cafes. This dish included the drink of our choice, from water, to juice, to whatever. We are back in our room now at 2205. We showered and are resting a bit, where we might go back out later on.

The Bull Fighting Ring, A Must See!

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