Traveling Spain & Greece On A Pauper’s Dime

Much has happened since the last time I made a post. We traveled to Greece. The first day we walked around the beach near where the resort was that we stayed. The resort was called Smaragdi, near a small beach front development called Perissa, although the true area is called Perivolos. The two municipalities once were separate, but now have grown together. Once out on the beach there were plenty of souvenir shops, small stores, and bars to pause at. We purchased a small drink, then lounged around underneath one of the umbrella areas near the beach listening to authentic Greek music be played to accompany our lounge. We stayed out until 2100 hours, then made our way back to the resort for some late night pool side relaxation.

Our second day was originally planned for the total island boat tour with Kamari Tours. We had a mishap, however , that caused us to postpone the tour until the next day. The resort room had a lock box for valuables. The lock worked by entering a four digit number into a computer. My wanted to get into the box and miss-stepped on the number. The problem was that this new number was preferred by the computer over the old one, and the wife forgot what number she had entered in, consequently jamming the computer system. I told the manager about the matter, who tried to break the code and enter in, but failed. He called in an expert at doing these things, who finally opened the door to the safe after more than an hour of trying. In the end everybody laughed about it and all was well.

Because of the experience with the safe, we would up lounging around at the beach for another day. We also took the local bus for 1.50 euros, and explored every major town and city on the entire island of Thera. We saw some beautiful sights over looking the city and the ocean from several mountain heights. We got some really cool pictures, especially in the city of Oui. We didn’t make it home until 0200 the following morning.

Hanging Out On The Town

On the third day we had to be up by 0845 to meet the tour bus by 0900. This moment was the big day of our Santorini trip. The tour bus left, taking us to a small port town where we caught the ship. By 1000 hrs we were on our way out. The first place we paused at was another small village near the volcano. For about two hours we could walk around exploring the area, or swim if we chose to. The wife and I chose to walk around.

Kickin’ it Greek island style!

The second place the tour transported us to was the volcano itself. While Thera volcano is said to be inactive, there have been some seismographic activity detected in recent years. Here one was free to hike all the way up to the center of the crater. The weather was more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and extremely dry. It also cost 2.5 euros to make the hike up. My wife was feeling badly at the time, so we both hung around at the base of the volcano for twenty minutes or so, then made our way back onto the ship for our pick of the best seats. Most of the people didn’t stay out much longer than we did, so we didn’t feel like we lost anything.

The Volcano!

Our third destination was another small town near the base of the volcano somewhere on the opposite side from where we were. Here we could make our way off the boat and explore for the next two hours. There were plenty of souvenir shops, and food restaurants. The sun was really hot so the wife and myself took our ease in the shade.

Our forth destination was an area to too far away where passengers were allowed to leap of the ship and swim in the ocean. I dipped in for ten minutes or so, then made my way back onto the boat. We only remained there for an hour, so by the time the boat started back up, I was already dry.

The tours final destination was to the city of Oui. Here we were allowed to explore the town until time for a spectacular sunset. The scene made for some post card quality photographs and plenty of good conversation. By 2100 hrs we were headed back down to the Euromarket where the bus let us off and we walked back to the resort. The walk was only about 5 minutes and really relaxing more than frightening. We made it back by 1100, so we still had time to lounge around the pool over a cool drink and some good conversation.

Sunset Time!

The next day we had to be up and out by 0330, since our flight back to Madrid was at 0500. We booked a cab for 15 euros a piece, and made it back to the small island airport in plenty of time. In no time we were on our way back to Madrid, and our Greek island experience was over.

Once back in Madrid we took our time figuring out what we were going to do next. We finally decided to book a 7 hour bus ride for 16 euros a per person to Malaga, a beach town. Our ride was booked for midnight, so we will be on the road for seven hours when we go. We also booked our return trip from Malaga back to Madrid so that we might avoid any possibility of not being able to meet our flight back to the States on August the 6th. Right now it the time is 1800 hrs and we are just relaxing in Burger King. Stay tuned to find our how this adventure winds up; same wild place, same crazy time!

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