Traveling Spain & Greece On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Its been a week since I made my last post. Lots has happened during this week prior. My wife completed the MA program in Salamanca for international language teachers. She received her MA certificate. During the ceremony I could readily tell that she must have been the happiest person there. When the ceremony ended the participants and their families/company were treated with all the wine and horderves one could take in, on the house.

During the time that she was in class I made my final walk back into the Plaza de Mayor. I purchased a large cone or three of this fancy ice-cream that Spain and France are so famous for. I also took the cathedral tour for 6 euros. While in this tour I was guided through two massive cathedrals, walking into bell towers of each, and above the congregational assembly rooms, and the museums. When I made it into one of the bell towers at the top, the largest one began ringing. The sound felt as if it would kill me. I vibrated away from it quickly as I could.

One cathedral had a prison in it where people on the run could seek sanctuary, but once inside, they were sealed behind bars, with no promise of being allowed to exit out. Criminals were also subjected to being penalized by the church inquisition, depending on what his charges were. Every sentence from extended incarceration in poor living conditions, to execution could be carried out.

On June 28th, the wife was finished. On the 29th we said our goodbyes to the lady with whom we has resided for the past month and a half. The fact dawned on me when we all hugged, shook hands, then parted, that more than likely we would never see each other again. This lady didn’t strike us as ever leaving outside of Salamanca much, and there are simply far too many other/better choices for us to make for living quarters, should we ever return.

When we made out exit out of the residence where we resided, we had no idea where we were going to stay. My wife face-booked a friend of her’s from Ecuador, who had a son living long term in Madrid. She called up her son who invited us in with opened arms, so the matter was solved. We made out way to the nearby bus station next to the college, purchased two tickets for 46 euros, and away we went. When we made it to Madrid, the wife had the address to this man’s home, who was the son of her friend. We asked directions there at the main subway station, and soon we were standing in front of his home at 2200 hrs. We clicked on the number of his place at the gate, and he came running inside to meet us. Our quarters for the night were then sealed, without us having to spend a dime other than a few cents for the metro card and the bus tickets. I hadn’t seen him since he was a young boy. He is a doctorate now.

The Moment Of Our Meeting

The next morning we awoke, walking with him down through town for breakfast, then he parted in his ways for the day. When we made it back to his place, we secured our bags there in his room, then exited out into the streets of Madrid where we walked around going on our own sightseeing tour until 1900 hrs. We had our backpacks only, filled with four changes of clothes, and my computer. We had to be back at the airport by 2000 hrs, since our plane ticket to Satorini, Greece, was calling for us to jet out by 2330.

We took the subway back and made it to the airport by 2000 hrs. By the time we discovered where Iberia airlines counter was, got our boarding passes, and everything squared away, it was time to fly out. Soon we were boarding up!

The lift off was good. In 3.40 hours we made it into Santorini airport. The landing there was horrible. The plane hit so hard it almost knocked the breath out of me. The plane put out its exit ramp at 0400. The resort we had booked with called Smorabati, resort, would not make it there until 0800. The airport in Santorini is not much more than a garage with a runway. Patrons were asked to sit outside in seats. The resort shuttle was there on time. But this resort was way out back on the opposite side of the island in a place called pieces. When we finally made it, we checked in and crashed for a few hours, since we had been 24 hrs without much sleep.

When we awoke, we had our first day on the island. We took the local bus and traveled to two major cities, called Fiera, and Oui. We took some really nice pictures and walked many miles down narrow streets, and stone stairways to high plateaus. We left out by 1000 and did not make it back to the hotel until 2230. When we were on our way back, the bus dropped us off at the Euromarket. We were told it was a short walk back to the resort, but we walked to a small individually owned hotel and bar, where the owner, an elderly gentleman, was king enough to give us a ride back, at no charge.

Looks Like We Made It!

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