Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime

On Sunday we all awoke to eat breakfast at the hotel in Grenada. This breakfast was a fine meal, contrary to what I was expecting. As a general rule European breakfast amounts only to serial, toast, jam, and coffee. European coffee tends to be foam in a cup. I, on the other hand, prefer water boiled over roasted beans, and the end result. Some fruit might be scattered about, but such is about it.

After we completed our meal our tour group headed out the door toward the bus. The trip from Grenada to Salamanca was three hours in duration. We also stopped along the way for thirty minutes. When we finally made it there, our first destination was the Plaza de Spain. The Plaza de Spain in Seville appears to more Arabian architecture that one assumes is hundreds of years old, but it only dates back to 1926. Nevertheless, it is one beautiful place that one simply must visit if he travels to Spain.

Plaza de Espania, Seville
Is this heaven?

Once we completed our two hour tour of The Plaza de Spain in Seville, we headed out into the town. Here we walked with our tour group, passing a number of famous land marks, such as the Golden Tower, and walking on down toward the river front park. The Golden Tower was where all the gold extracted by the Spanish from the New World, was transported and contained. I glanced in as we passed, and it was still heavily guarded, with one needing special permission to enter. I also had the feeling that it might have been some sort of bank, but I never heard any discussion in regard to the matter, nor did I bother to ask.

When down in the river front park one may relax on the numerous metal benches in the shade of the china berry and fig trees, or he could choose to take a harbor cruise. The harbor cruise is a three hour tour that includes a cool drink and a sandwich, all for 20 euros, if I heard right when I investigated. The three hour tour includes a guided investigation into the history of the city itself, since on the opposite side stand many historical homes and buildings. Also the port side was once the main side of entrance, so any hero of the past who journeyed into Seville more than likely passed through the area, if he didn’t walk in on land.

After our bus driver completed with his version of a city tour, all included in the price of the bus package, we were free to roam about throughout the city on our own. Here we were responsible for our own meals, but no problems since there was plenty to eat at decent prices, from 5 to 13 euros. By 1500 hrs we all met in a central roundabout in town, where we loaded back aboard the bus, and headed back toward Salamanca. We would arrive back in Salamanca at around 2030.

Good food for the taking

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