Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Not much going on today concerning sight seeing. I have done lots of writing, editing, and making submissions, however. One thought was weighing heavily on my mind. While Airbnb is a fine service most of the time, some of these people putting their property up can be dishonest/miss-representative in varying degrees, and somewhat difficult at the same time. We have heard claims of this emerging fact from other teachers in residence. We also have our own experience.

The lady who we rented our room from is very welcoming and friendly, yet her man doesn’t really want her renting rooms out. He is not rude by any stretch, yet one can readily observe an air of resentment, even if they don’t speak his language. She filed a complaint against us with Airbnb, claiming that we did not fully close her door, and that she felt unsafe as a result. The problem is that we did close the door, and checked to see if it was secured, so we feel that maybe her man prompted her into making this claim.

We have been very careful not to give her reasons for making complaints. We clean up behind ourselves, clean the kitchen and bathroom, etc. Being accused with Airbnb can give negative ratings for the potential renter, consequently eliminating one’s ability to take advantage of savings in rental opportunities. Renters should always go the extra mile to secure positive ratings, this fact of being simply can’t be overemphasized.

There is more that readers should be made aware of. This lady miss-represented her place as being a college residence, rather than a private one. A college residence would have had fellow teachers as roommates. This private residence had her, her man, and their children, among many more from the surrounding neighborhood.

This lady advertised breakfast as being served with her room rental. We have been living here some five weeks, and have yet to see anything resembling breakfast being served, not even coffee and cookies, etc. On the contrary, we always had to prepare our own.

After some time living here, I soon found the place to be somewhat unsanitary. The neighbors keep dogs, as does this lady. These dogs are allowed to run around, often indiscriminately, leaving waste, etc. Waste attracts flies. In Spain the weather is hot, so that means one must leave the windows open. The kitchen and the house in general always fills with flies. I am forced to shut the kitchen up and kill five or more flies every time I bother to cook or sleep in our room. This gets old after a while.

The woman complained to us about making noise during siesta time (1100-1600 hrs), yet when her children and others play, they scream, yell, throw things, and make so much noise until neither the wife nor myself can sleep. This usually continues on from 1200 until 2100 hrs! Not only that, the woman and the man often scream and yell at all hours of the evening until mid-night. They argue about finances, food, her not acting right, etc. Sometimes I feel as if they might actually come to physical blows.

The distances from the center of town/wife’s college was miss-represented. It was advertised as being only 15 minute walk from the Plaza de Mayor or the college of Salamanca. The truth is it was at least a 45 minute walk from the Plaza, and a 30 minute walk from the college.

The moral of the story is this: our first time dealing with Airbnb was this one. Keep all of these facts in mind and be certain to ask the proper questions, should you choose to rent with them. In the end, our stay hasn’t been that bad, but it sure could have been much better. The residence hall would not have been much more expensive, and the accommodations far better! Hold these facts dear when planning your next adventure!

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