Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Well on Sundays there is not much going on in Salamanca, Spain. Church service seems to be held at night. Honestly, I never could catch one. The doors on these massive 1000 year old buildings are open on the inside. The really large, impressive two, want 3 euros just to enter inside. One may secure a nighttime tour of the two for five euros.

For me, this morning will be a day for writing, editing, making submissions, and cleaning our room up a bit. Some time after 1200 I shall saunter on into town and see what is going on. A much better move might be to hop a bus for the beach, or some other attraction on Sundays. It costs no less than 20 euros one way to do that. Forty euros is quite a hit in a pauper’s purse, especially considering that next weekend we shall be gone on a really nice outing for three days. I will discuss that when the time arrives.

Every Sunday people who are enrolled in classes get to tour a different town or place. This is all inclusive with the college enrollment package. This Sunday the wife will be in a prior Roman town called Alise, just outside of Madrid. She will return at 2000 hrs. When she returns we are walking into town for a concert at 2100 hrs, rescheduled due to unusual heavy rain and thunderstorm last night.

Companions are not allowed to go with them on these trips, as I had hoped to do in earnest. Some have managed to slide passed the tour guide and the driver, but to get caught might be an embarrassment to the companion or the other who is enrolled. On that note I decided to sit it out.

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