Traveling Spain On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

Dancing with a purpose and a passion

Last night we both saw a Fandago dance. This dance was given in the residency down from the 88 Hall that I have described earlier. Most importantly from the perspective of this blog title, it was given for free. This dance team called El Alva. They specialized in Fandago, but could perform the Flaminco dance as well. Their fees when hired, were very reasonable.

In the Fandago, the singer is telling a poetic story and the dancers are placing emphasis on the exiting parts. The difference in the Fandago and the Flaminco lay here, to the best that I can ascertain. In the Flaminco the dancers are literally singing the poem one at a time, and then retelling it through their dance. While I enjoy the poetics and the dancing dramatics of both versions, my personal favorite lays with the Flaminco, being honest about it.

The Fandago, on the other hand, also reminds me of a belly dance without the belly motions. We have the poem being sang, the theatrical dance, the smiles and the claps, but few slinky body motions. From a literature perspective, I still thoroughly enjoyed watching what I did. The dance commenced around 2100, and lasted until 2300. In the Plaza de Mayor a much larger version of the Fandago was being conducted at the same time. The dance at the residence was conducted on a much more personal basis. Most importantly, the same rule still applies in both cases; the show was conducted for free, unless you choose to give tips.

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