Traveling Spain & Greece On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

For food any time at McDonald’s is no deal when in Spain. Always go local, for better quality and more quantity at a lower price. While at the bus station we had coffee and crescents for 2 Euros. The bus ride to Salamanca began at 1500 and was pleasantly relaxing. The Spanish countryside was open, with scattered fir trees and other vegetation, interconnecting antique stone walls crisscrossing the open landscape, overlooking abandoned stonewalled farmhouses with numerous working large corn and peanut fields. Strangely I noticed few olive plantations as we traveled.

We arrived in Salamanca at 1730. From the bus station we caught a taxi to our new address at Calle Martin Alonzo Padres, block 3, rows 14/16, a 35 minute walk from downtown, and approximatly15 minutes from the closest bus station. As we walked haplessly along, from the balcony window our hostess, named Marcala, greeted us with waves and cheers. She promptly opened her doors, welcoming us both warmly into our new abode for the next 6 weeks. Her fees at the time were four hundred Euros per month.

Soon as we made our way inside our new room, dropped off our bags, and made ourselves comfortable, Marcala brought in a large bowl filled with fresh cherries. She showed us where the kitchen, bathroom, and living room was located, informing us that we were welcome to use them. Marcala continued speaking with us, assuring us that breakfast would be served up fresh in the morning when we awoke.

When she had finished speaking with us, she hurried us both along, inviting us to catch the bus with her where she would show us the avenue to the college where my wife was attending, and the locations of the market. She kindly gave me the keys as we rode past the market, then exiting at a cathedral library somewhere on a main avenue. She parted with us, to my surprise since my Spanish translations are sometimes off, and we both were soon on our own way.

The wife and I walked down several streets in Salamanca, not knowing where we were or how to come back. We stopped at the local grocery market and purchased a weeks groceries for 10 Euros, including two beer and two liter boxes of red wine purchased for 2.84 Euros. The lady had informed us that if we become lost, then she lived at the last bus stop on line thirteen, at Huerta Otea, near the bus station at Advansa. She kindly informed us that her house was the only one with a pool in the entire area. After more than two hours of walking, asking questions, and searching, we finally found the residence again, but shame on us for not retaining the address with phone numbers in case we ever become lost.

Finding specific bus pickup points can be somewhat of a challenge, since most are only triangle shaped six feet tall poles, with the specific number of the bus stopping located at the bottom of a list with many additional bus numbers. All of this occurred on the day of June 17, 2019.

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