Traveling Spain & Greece On A Pauper’s Dime With A Purpose

June 16, or the third day of our trip, began as usual with us arising at around 1000, for sandwich made with more bread and the meat purchased earlier, and McDonald coffee. Once breakfast had been completed, we head off on a walk for several blocks toward the local historical museum on Tribunal de Cuentas street. In this museum one may savor paintings of Madrid from the past, along with details in regard to many additional sights in Madrid, and do so completely for free.

Unfortunately for me, my cell phone was lost from my rear pant pocket on this day, so we were deprived of an enduring camera document of our travels. This situation would have never occurred, had I placed the phone inside my front leather bound travel bag. A temporary misplacement of valuables is often all that it takes for them to vanish.

We hopped the subway Metro, taking it from Cuenta Cimaros Street near our Hostel, to Mendez Alvaro. The wife wanted to eat at a small deli immediately adjacent to the Hostel where we stayed before leaving, but we had no time remaining. After pulling our over stuffed suitcases up many flights of stairs and riding different escalators, we finally made it to the bus station where we purchased our tickets to Salamanca for the following day. The price we paid at the time was 21 Euros.

Once on Mendez Alvaro street we rode the subway line again to Estation de Arte. While there we toured the Parke de Retiro for the remainder of our outing. Our last grand adventure for the day was to attend services at the Cathedral de Angelica there at the park across from the Mueso Debrado. While there at the church we participated in communion services. Around 1400 from there we caught the #7 Metro line to Canal street, then the #2 line back to Cuenta Cimaros.

The time has been well spent, and I still have time to seek out work for next year. Hiring for teachers in Spain occurs the same months that it does in the US. A US citizen must also obtain a working VISA, but doing so shouldn’t be all that difficult. Once one has maintained employment for 3 ongoing years, he is eligible to apply for citizenship, according to the wife’s college instructor. For Americans, living in Spain at least 6 months out of the year would have its advantages.

The Sacred Review

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