A quick note from the author, manager, the captain of this ship

H..L. Dowless , what has he done?

I am dropping a note for today and many more to come, in hopes of selling my latest product, Rowdy Living Literature, and to speak about Rowdy Living Press. I wish to do this because the breed that lives the Rowdy Living Lifestyle is dying in America, as the adherence to Constitutional law by government officials on all levels and individualism itself, slowly fades into the pages of history.

What a sad day it will be indeed, when Americans simply exist underneath the same tyrannical, disenfranchising boot heel that the rest of the world does; the boot heel of the banking dynasties, their banks, the corporations that have grown up around them, and the government officials/”representatives” these entities pay off to do their wicked bidding against the same population body who voted them in while expecting different treatment.

Rowdy Living Literature is simply stories told by people who have lived life to the fullest in spite of any imposing stone walls placed before them. Many of these tales are far out accounts, others are embellished greatly, and some hardly at all. A splendid example of just such a person might be discovered in this narrative account; https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/1591858992/ref=x_gr_w_bb?ie=UTF8&tag=x_gr_w_bb_es-21&linkCode=ur2&camp=3626&creative=24790

I actually met Jerry Rushing on a hunting trip way up in the mountains a while back. I slew a nice sized ram. He was hunting wild hogs. He began his working life at the age of twelve running moonshine. Before that he had helped his father and grandfather man the still and cook the mash. In time he quit running shine and began working for Hollywood as a stunt man, driving, crashing cars, having near death escapes. He took his money and purchased an extremely large tract of land in Davie County, NC, where he built his own home and eventually opened his own hunting facility. His daughter, Darlene Tarlton, still runs the taxidermy part of it, if I am correct in saying that.

Unfortunately Jerry Rushing passed recently, if I understand the information correctly online here. His legend will live on far into the future, so grab this book when you get the chance, and have a desire to read about a real life American hero from our own time. There may be no doubt that Jerry Rushing was filled with Rowdy Living stories of high adventure in America that few others in our own day will ever have the chance to experience. Most can ride up into the TN mountains and fantasize about doing it at the many distilleries and tourist traps. Of course what stands in between dreaming about something and actually doing, is one’s choice of raw action taken. As always, there exists a risk factor, but the RF and having a healthy dose of fortitude is what separates Rowdy Living Literature from all other genre’.

Farmers sitting around underneath the shelter of local tobacco barns tended to tell these magnificent stories. Hunters in a wood side camp site also have great stories to speak of; as do some construction workers, especially those who predated citywide cameras and the internet era. Active soldiers, and ex-veterans from the Vietnam era on backward, often have heroic tales of glorious finds, hand to hand combat experiences, and the sharing among comrades of rich booty, long since forgotten. Somebody needs to recount these marvelous tales of outstanding conduct in our own time. Allow that record keeper to be myself and this staff here at Rowdy Living Press.

Somebody somewhere has to keep a log of these tales as the one’s who once told them gradually fade away. An increasingly authoritarian socialist platform, the frequency of terrorism, and the distrust of American citizens at large by government officials are gradually killing this breed of freeborn individual out. My job is to preserve what I can, in anyway possible. This is my personal mission. Be certain to click onto our sister site, https://rowdylivingpress.blogspot.com/

Rowdy living stories have been published in “Frontier Tales Magazine,” “The Fear Of Monkeys literary Journal,” to a lesser extent in “Leaves Of Ink,” and in other places such as this; https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/the-imp-and-the-fairy-princess/143f84b6-1f06-4fb8-addc-3d67c2f7da8f . Forms in this genre’ can come about from different angles. Some can be from a poetic angle, some can come about in the form of short stories, while others can take the form of full length novels.

What this author has observed is that full length novels in the genre’ of Rowdy Living Literature suddenly and strangely enough, assume an aspect of modern day romanticism. https://www.amazon.com/Escape-Seraphim-Island-Ben-Bellheimer/dp/130488127X This aspect is complete with a hero who is an outcast to society, who endures astounding, nearly completely overwhelming odds; yet discovers a method of overcoming these odds, only to conquer in the end, even if this conquest is questionable to the sensibilities of the intellectual giving examination to the account.

Rowdy Living Literature has a free flow of its own design, and does not respect the confines of political correctness, or any additional measure of thoughts control. Those who may be offended by it, step aside, in the same manner that those who are offended by pornography can simply avoid the bookstores or change the television channel. Keep in mind that pornography can conceivably be classed as any ideology that offends in any way, sexually or otherwise.

So if I can’t close down your degenerate trash magazines, cable channels, and movies promoted by the banking dynasty families, and intended for the destruction of human society in the name of turning millions in gold for themselves, then you can’t touch my praise to the chief God In Heaven and my descriptions of mankind’s ancient Golden Age; or my intense hatred for the ever prevalent lies of Charles Darwin, and communist ideology in all forms, especially its American version.

I also have great aversions to this ideology of a “global community,” and all nations existing therein as mere states. I hate this ideology because with increasing frequency I can visualize where the masses of humanity will exist as outright wretched slaves to an elitist few. We, the originators of Rowdy Living Literature, on the other hand have taken that timeless vow of the liberated to live free or die, forever free!

Examples revealing the truth in this statement of mine is found in the realization that these claims for global warming are outright lies , complete with a design for imposing and collecting a world tax on energy as it is being consumed, not to mention the tax already collected just to access the energy bank at large. https://dailycaller.com/2016/06/27/east-coast-states-want-to-tax-motorists-for-miles-not-gas-consumed/ This quickly organizing attempt at controlling the international web, rather than allowing it to freely embrace humanity’s inalienable right to freedom of expression, gives further emphasis to my conviction. https://gizmodo.com/big-data-brokers-they-know-everything-about-you-and-se-5991070 http://theconversation.com/chinas-dystopian-social-credit-system-is-a-harbinger-of-the-global-age-of-the-algorithm-88348

The world has been warming for more than 8000 years now. All of this has long been proven in the fossil record. That warming is what got us out of the last ice age, for crying out loud here! Evidently the earth is moving gradually closer to the sun, and has been for at least 10000 years now. When the earth rotates around the sun, it moves in increments inward, or outward. This fact is the reason why there is a fossil record of tropical climates in arctic areas, and a record of hard freeze in areas where no arctic conditions presently exist; such as in the south eastern US, for one example among many.

This claim of global warming being man made is a lie imposed by the same banking dynasties that are laboring hard for the corruption economically, socially, in a patrimonial sense, along with the outright enslavement of all mankind. The American citizen base really does need to divorce itself from the Federal Reserve! These are the people who are designing to destroy the nation and the population base in every conceivable manner, form each and every direction. They are in possession of the financial resources to hire outstandingly certified experts to make any claim imaginable, even though no facts stand to give the claims support. Most of America believes it originated from apes because these people could afford to hire an expert to be the mouthpiece for the great lies being proclaimed! Click on this link for more links and clear validation; https://futurism.media/the-theory-of-evolution-is-a-communist-lie Every evil and corruption can be traced back down to them, but this is a topic for later discussion.

There again, as a person and an author, one may observe clearly why I am a maverick in the political agenda being proselytized by the western powers that be in our own time. Native Europe, and America at large, should closely observe the manifesting political events of our time.

How could the banking dynasties, the corporations, and the government at large, benefit from millions of alien immigrants pouring onto our shores? Could these millions seeking to secure a section of our hard won golden pie/resource base, be used to actually transform our entire national landscapes into an entity designing for our own future bondage? Should we be anticipated to resist? Are the powers that be actually seeking to exterminate us? Are we witnessing a new type of elimination program, where propaganda in company with government agenda is utilized to promote inbreeding; hence patrimonial and cultural destruction? If so, how might this scenario be contested and combated? If any resistance to this phenomenon is occurring at all, why are we not seeing it?

These are all highly important questions for individual readers at large to ask. I do not seek to give answer, but only dare to ask the questions others refuse or fear to. Most exist in fear for their career, their community status quo, their liberty in a legal sense. I, on the other hand, and those in my position, have no established career, no status in any established community, and no fear of legal claims; so therefore, myself and those in my position, may freely speak the hard blood and guts truth, in company with our own minds, as we feel led to do. This fact of consideration is what sets myself and my genre’ of literature apart from all others.

Yes, there are many days in the life of a freebooter that everything seems stuck in the mud. The sad truth is that most of real life falls underneath this category. Such is the reason why outstanding experiences are retained for years, and retold when the occasion is right.

Many people are good at creating their own entertainment when these times arrive. Those who have the best experiences during these times, tend to be individualist, who fear not for safety, career, reputation, nor community opinion. These are those individuals who live for God Almighty, and the only secular laws they observe are the US Constitution, which is the only true law of the land. These people simply don’t possess the time to coddle the poo-boy environmentalists, animal rights groups and views, zoning officials who are working with the local tax boards, the interests of business entities or corporations, and others who in reality are seeking to enslave him.

When one of these people decide their home needs a new room addition, they arise with the sun to build one, never asking anybody anything. If he needs food, he gets out and raises it, gathers it, etc. When he needs to earn a living he throws up a shanty, fills it with pickled and fresh vegetables, home processed meats, east coast wild coffee, dry beans, rice, nails, factory canned goods, cloth, dry goods, and whatever you may. He slaps a sign on the front of his shack and calls it the so and so family general store, etc. The people come to him because of his high quality margin.

Having this type of liberty is what created the freeborn USA, and many other places around the globe. These areas did not lose this freedom until the large corporations took over. The individualist, however, has vowed unto himself that he will endure, regardless of how intimidating the future is set to become.

Few among his insiders or outsider competitors possess this type of determination, and will only cower down to the whims of their corporate led masters. The few that make these types of decisions have very interesting tales to speak of, as a result. This fact is only a single part of what makes Rowdy Living Literature so unique from all other genre’.

The man of action is pursued by enemies, large and small, using the latest high tech equipment. As a result he often haunts darkened hollows and subterranean complexes far outside our familiar environment, encountering a series of mystical beings, lost souls, and others whom we are commanded by society to reject, having a series of modern paranormal experiences in the process. His enemies seek to marginalize his life boundaries from jealousy and outright negative motivations, are often numerous, and in their pursuit cause the man of action to engage in some interesting, yet very bizarre battles on a variety of differing fronts.

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